Tuesday, December 30, 2014

18th P Day in Phoenix! Cold cold cold cold

Hey everyone! I'm staying! Looks like I'll be here for almost 6
months. 1/4 of my mission will be here. CAN YOU BELIEVE AFTER THIS
TRANSFER I WILL HAVE BEEN OUT 6 MONTHS?? I can't. Anyways, I guess I
actually have to buy food and stuff so I'm gonna go do that. Love and
miss you all and it was great to actually TALK to and SEE you all on
Christmas! It was wonderful.

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a great week. My week was pretty
great. Tuesday P-Days are
always good once Monday night rolls around. This week is going to be
super short considering it's already a short week, plus, we have to be
in by 6 on New Year's Eve, and in all day on New Year's Day. Before I
know it I'll be writing another P-Day email. Here goes this past week!

Monday: Not much to report, we had a cool lesson with a family of five
kids. We're teaching their 10 year old getting her ready to be
baptized. We made gingerbread houses as a district activity and mine
was pretty pitiful.... Haha. We played some type of basketball game
and I was hitting every dang 3-point shot that I put up. I don't know
what has gotten into me! Haha.

Wednesday (not much happened Tuesday): Christmas Eve! The Holiday
season is not a very busy time for us missionaries. It SHOULD be, but
it isn't. So Tuesday was pretty slow. We were in by 6. We went to
Jamba Juice, though! Holy cow I missed Jamba Juice. It's sooooo good!
We had to leave after I finished mine so I put my half-full cup in my
bag and we biked to our next place. I then continued drinking it
hahah. After our dinner appointment we went to the church and played
hide-and-seek with our district! (Excluding the sisters). Oh, one more
thing. WE SAW A LAMB IN SOMEONE'S CAR. It was parked on our road and
we heard it baaaaaaaa and yes we were as surprised as you are reading

Thursday: Christmas! I got to talk to my family and a few others :)!
That was pretty awesome. 40 minutes goes by super fast. We had a
dinner appointment at a member's home and we played football in the
street with a bunch of their family. Most of them weren't members so
it was pretty funny to see them compete over the game. If you know
where I'm going with this...haha. Oh, and it rained without having
clouds. Yeah it was awkward.

Friday: it was like 30 degrees. What's up with that???

Saturday: We saw a truck that was lifted about six feet and had
monster truck wheels....driving down the road. It cut a few cars off
but what were they gonna do? Honk? Haha. A few appointments fell
through but we came in contact with an investigator! Hopefully some
good will come from That!

Sunday: We had a lesson with a part member family but the nonmember
was the only person there. So we got to know her a little better and
we will start teaching her! She used to be a member, but..yeah.
Connect the dots. We also had a lesson with a less active family whose
dad is deaf. It's pretty cool to teach them because the mom translates
into sign language. Sometimes it can be distracting though. :P After
that lesson I had to go to the bathroom (thanks, mom, I swear I have
your curse) so we went to a member's home and shared a quick message.
They're snowbirds, meaning they come to the valley during the winter.

Monday: We started off with 4 lessons planned and only one happened.
Two cancelled within 10 seconds of each other. The struggle is real!
On a funnier note, during studies, Elder Shurtleff's desk fell on him.
It's a regular desk with shelves that go on the back, and he
accidentally pulled the whole shelf down. Everything went everywhere
afterward. When I send pictures I'll show you what it looked like
after it fell! Haha.

Well, I'm not getting transferred so yay! I still have the same
address. Letters are always nice. Thanks for everything and I love you

Much love,

Elder Jones

Elder Shurtleff should NOT wear Kevin's sweater!

playing "the tie knows all"  It says Kevin will be transferred next!

Hot chocolate from the mug Jessica made him for Christmas!

Elder Shurtleff's desk shelves fell off on top of him making a big mess.
District photo: L to R: Sister Wood, Sister Messick, Elder Snydergaard
 Elder Buckway, Elder Jones, Elder Shurtleff,  Elder Burgoyne, Elder Jensen

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