Wednesday, January 7, 2015

19th P Day in Phoenix- Hide-and-seek Marathon!

Elder Jeong in Flagstaff, AZ  Kevin says
Jealousy times 10,000.
Hello, everyone! This week was pretty fun but not much went on because
of the New Year holiday. We were in by 6 on New Years Eve, and all day
on New Years. We did, though, have a party! On the 31st, we met some
other Elders at one of the church buildings and we played
hide-and-seek in the dark! It was crazy fun! On New Year's Day we had
the zone leaders come over and we played board games for like three
hours. Then, that night, we got like 8 Elders together and we played
hide-and-seek again. This time we played in a church building that
used to be a Catholic Church. So it was a completely different layout.
It was two stories in some places with a bunch of great hiding places.
We played there until about 9. That was a blast! I ended up being
pretty dang sick that night, though. It was all good by the morning.

We got to meet with a really cool family this past week. They're both
active members, but he is a recent convert and she used to be less
active. Missionaries found them and got him baptized. He has been a
member for under a year and already has the Melchizidek Priesthood.
Their baby has a chromosome disorder and is blind and deaf. They are
wonderful people and she brought the baby to church with all of his
medical equipment. If they can do it, I swear no one has an excuse to
not go to church!

Sad news, Quinton is no longer in our area. His girlfriend kicked him
out and he is basically homeless now. So we are doing a ton of
finding, trying to find new people to teach. Not gonna lie, it's been
rough here lately. The work is going pretty slow but we are pushing
forward. We just got a new Assistant Ward Mission Leader in one of our
wards. His name is President Morris. I say president because he has
been a stake president, and a counselor to three mission presidents.
Yeah. I don't know if he understands how to be an "assistant"
anything, but hopefully he can spark some interest into the Ward

It was 28 degrees the other night, which was the coldest it's been
here for like 20 years or something like that. It was crazy cold. On a
bike, 28 feels like 15. My whole face is numb when we get home at
night haha. Our old zone leader, Elder Jensen, just went home this
past transfer and will probably be engaged in a couple weeks. He's
pretty excited to be home! Haha.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great New Year! Hopefully things will
pick up here, but we're staying positive regardless! Love you all.

Much love,

Elder Jones

Selfie for the week!

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