Monday, December 22, 2014

Mustangs: The New Finding Tool-- 17th P-day in Phoenix

Hello everyone! It's almost Christmas! I made sure everything works
and it does. My skype account is up and running and I got your friend
request, mom. I will be skyping at 1:00 AZ time, which is 2:00 MO/KS
time. It will be from my iPad at our house. Yay wifi! I got my
Christmas packages Friday. A big one and a larger, shorter, lighter
one. My heart is broken that Rondo got traded to the Mavericks. I am
now a Mavs fan. But still a Celtics fan too. Yes, a Mavs rondo shirt
would be marvelous! :) Do I have to wait till Christmas to open BOTH
of the packages? :( haha. Some kid in my ward got up and bore his
testimony about how the Arizona Cardinals would win the super bowl
this year in their own stadium. I bet he's regretting that.

Well I'm off to do my shopping and stuff. Wearing my Mizzou tie. Have
a great day! Email away! :) always accepting letters! :D

Much love,

Elder Jones

Dear family and friends,

Considering I'll be talking to some of you on Thursday, this email
will be kinda short and lame. My apologies! Haha. First off, Mom, we
all opened our T-shirts and will be wearing them at our district
activity today. (Another reason why this email will be short! Haha)
all of the other presents and stuff are wrapped and under the tree.
Are they all from you guys or friends as well?  Thanks again for
everything. You're all making my Christmas pretty amazing even though
I'm 1092 miles away.

We started off the week with a lot of teaching appointments set up. It
ended up being pretty slim. We have started know my feelings toward that. It's
basically to show the Lord that we're willing to work for new people
to teach. Elder Shurtleff and I are getting along better than ever. :)
The gangsta that we're working with, Quinton, is making pretty good
progress and his baptismal date for January 24 is still set. Plus we
have a few other people we're going to begin teaching after the
Holidays. One of which is a huge family. (6 people over 8!)

The other person we're going to be working with is this new guy named
Ron. We went over to a member of the bishopric's house to share a
quick message and we ended up not sharing the message because Elder
Shurtleff mentioned that he loves Mustangs. Brother Goodwin, the
member, called up his neighbor to come over to show E. Shurtleff his
mustang. We ended up talking with him and we are going to start
teaching him after Christmas! He's super excited to learn more and is
VERY promising. Work is happening! I love it!

Transfers are the 31st so I will know if I'm leaving or staying by
next P-Day which, by the way, will be next TUESDAY. I really want to
stay because I love it here and I can't wait to watch people I have
taught progress.

Again, sorry for the short email, but let me know how everything is
going! I love you all. God bless.

Much love,

Elder Jones

Modeling their "DRIVE FOR FIVE" WC state T-shirts

At Mesa Temple eating lunch on the lawn

At old Country Buffett in Mesa, AZ

Package box arrived, safe and sound!

Member took them to Culvers!

Christmas tree from Seminary!
The way you eat an orange if you are from KS!  Just Kidding.

Elder Shurtleff and Elder Jones sporting their new T-Shirts!

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