Monday, December 1, 2014

14th Pday in Phoenix- Thanksgiving x2!

Dear Friends and Family,


This week was pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but still good. It was my first full week with Elder Shurtleff and we are getting along great. Our humor is almost identical and he's definitely a stellar missionary. I'm already learning a lot from him. 

As far as my Christmas package goes, I would like to request some solid black Nike long socks (like the socks I would wear back home) and a State championship shirt for me and Elder Buckway. (M & XL) And, if you want, Elder Shurtleff wears a size S if you really want to get him one too haha. oh, and a lighter brown belt if you can find one. size 29 or 30. Oh, and Subway cards are always appreciated...c:

Our Thanksgiving was pretty great! We had a lunch scheduled at 1pm and a dinner scheduled for 5pm. It sounds perfect, right? Well, our lunch didn't end up happening until like 2:30, so we didn't get out until 4. We had approximately 30 minutes to recover before eating at our dinner appointment. Needless to say we were extremely stuffed and the bike ride home wasn't fun. Speaking of bike rides, both of my tires went flat--at the same time. I have no idea how, but we had to patch the tubes. Then my front brakes wouldn't work properly. A member of our ward fixed the brakes for free but then the tires went flat again. I ended up buying thorn-resistant tubes at Walmart today. I'm looking forward to riding my bike without worry of a flat. Haha.

Sister Simon put up all of her Christmas decorations the other day. She was actually on the roof putting up lights...we asked if she wanted our help and she said no, she wanted to do it. Luckily she's okay and could get up and down the ladder like a champ. 

This week was filled with cancelled appointments! Even the members cancelled a few times and we showed up to a dinner appointment and the guy wasn't there...that was a first for me. Haha oh well, we ended up just eating at Subway. A cancelled appointment did turn into a success, though. While biking through an apartment complex, I spotted a former investigator sitting on a ledge with her boyfriend. I went and talked to her and she invited us in to share a message. We shared a Christmas message and she wants us to come back. The cool thing is that there were four people in there, so we could get four new investigators next week! OH YEAH! 

Moon Mountain Ward got a new bishop! The current bishop had been there for 5 years and got released. The new bishop is Bishop Lillie and I totally called that he'd be the new bishop. He had a lot of anxiety in his eyes as he stood up. It was kinda funny but I know he's the man for the job. He'll do great!

I'll just close with something funny that happened to us today as we got lunch at Taco Bell on our way home from the store. Before we ordered, this guy walks in, grabs his food, and looks at Elder Shurtleff and says--rather bitterly--"Just so you know, the Law of Chastity ruined my life." and stormed out of the restaurant. I turned to Elder Shurtleff and said, "That's a new one." We--including the guy at the register--were laughing so hard. Not at the fact that it 'ruined his life', but at the fact that it was so random and the guy was SO upset. Elder Shurtleff said, "Wow, even us merely standing still in the middle of a Taco Bell can make someone mad."

Anyway, I am enjoying Phoenix and all that I have experienced. I still wouldn't want to live here, but it's nice that I keep forgetting that it's winter. It feels like September in Missouri. :)

God loves you, and I love you.

Much love, 
Elder Jones


Kevin says the found a pumpkin and a machete and used that to cut up the pumpkin!
 Elder Shurtleff is showing us how to hold the machete. 

Kevin enjoying studying a little too much?

In honor of Turkey Day, GO HOKIES!  (has on his Hokie tie!)

After second Thanksgiving dinner and bike ride home! FULL!

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