Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Temple, Vacuum guy, and other stuffs 16th P Day in Phoenix

Hello all! It's p day! I'm going to try my best to send pictures today, but we have a zone activity at 1:30 so I may not get to. The temple was great. I can do everything in the temple by myself without help now! The Mesa temple was amazing. Probably my favorite day out so far. Our neighbor has his Christmas lights set to music so that's
pretty cool. He got the Moon Valley Spirit award. They're awesome!  They had some Frozen songs playing so you better believe I was singing  along haha. #tendermercy  Olivia - I got your package! It was awesome! Super comfy blanket! :)  I will get back to you all soon. I love you all and can't wait to hear  from y'all at Christmas!  WC IN THE HALL OF FAME OH YEAH. That's what happens when you play good  teams. HAHA. CJ. Losers! ;)

This week was super good! However, I don't have much time to write
this email so I apologize for its lameness and, very possibly, bad
grammar. I know. Shocker. Haha!

Anyway, this week was pretty sweet. Elder Shurtleff and I had our best
key indicator week since he's been here. We are doing pretty well and
we have a really solid investigator. Speaking of that investigator, I
think I mentioned him last week. His name is Quinton and he's an
ex-gangsta. He just keeps asking, "so when can I get baptized?!" He's
super excited and we hope he'll take the news of him having to move
out of get married before he can be baptized. Other than that he's
giving up alcohol and cigarettes so we're pretty excited for him.
Elder Buckway was on exchange the last time we taught him so Elder
Buckway loves him now haha. Sadly, his fiancé isn't interested at the
moment, but she still comes to church with him sometimes. Quinton has
a baptismal date of January 24. If I'm still here after this transfer
I may get to baptize him!! I'll for sure come back for his baptism if
I get transferred. :)

We got to go to the Mesa Temple on Thursday and it was honestly my
favorite day so far. First off, we were with the Goodyear/Buckeye zone
so I got to spend the day with Elder Watson! He's the man! We went to
the visitors center first and that was pretty cool. We then ate a sack
lunch on the temple grounds and honestly I was just excited to go
inside the temple. It's such a unique temple and it was pretty sweet
inside. We did a temple session which was amazing. Probably the best
I've felt the Spirit and understood how to do everything. Maybe that's
why I felt the Spirit more; I wasn't nervous because I felt confident
about what I was doing! Haha. We got to hug President AND Sister
Griffin in the Celestial room. I miss hugging people....so when I get
home I better get the best hugs ever from everyone!!! Haha. We then
went to a buffet and went to see the Mesa lights. They are phenomenal.
I'll include photos when I can. Definitely next week if not today.
Honestly, I have 15 minutes to write this email. Aren't p-days
supposed to be not stressful!? Oh well.

Okay so random note to explain the "Vacuum guy" part of the title:
We were biking around the Vaseo apartment complex and as we were
locking up our bikes, this weird guy with long hair rides by with
sunglasses, a backpack, riding a BMX bike, and carrying a vacuum. Yep.
I really didn't know what to say after I saw that. It was hilarious.

Okay so here's a forewarning: it is incredibly difficult to send
packages as a missionary....so Christmas presents may be letters. You
all know how much I want to send stuff but it's a pretty huge hassle
considering there isn't even a post office in my area. Haha. I STILL

We still haven't heard much from Dennis and Mary. We are trying to
talk to them regularly to keep contact, though.

On Tuesday, a priest who is my age came out with us. He's about to
turn in his papers so it was cool to get him over and bike with us. He
studied with us and went to a couple appointments. He said we biked a
ton. Haha, we only biked like 5-6 miles. My first day here we biked
25... :p

On a closing note, yeah that whole "don't open until Christmas" thing
is gonna be tough...but I'll try my best... Tell everyone to send me
letters! Letters are my favorite! Anyways, I love you all and can't
wait to talk to some of you on Christmas. It's coming quickly. My
skype name will be kevvstar95, I believe.

Much, much love,

Elder Jones

Elder Kevin Jones in front of reflecting pool at Mesa, AZ Temple

Beside reflecting pool in day time Mesa Temple

Another view of Mesa Temple, and Kevin

Christmas lights at Mesa Temple

Reflecting pool

Elder Jones nametag and reflecting pool and Temple

Elder Shurtleff & Elder Buckway with lights

Elder Jones and Elder Syndergaard
Elder Jones and Elder Syndergaard on exchange

storm on the way!

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