Tuesday, November 25, 2014

13th p day in Phoenix Kansas Brothers!

Hello, Everyone! Guess what? There was frost this morning. Yep. It's
getting real.

So I got a new companion. His name is Elder Shurtleff. He's from
Junction City, KS, and he's been out 15 months, and he's 20. Funny
thing is that he was in the Kansas City Cultural Celebration too. His
last companion was too. He said that his high school plays Washburn
Rural every year. I told him that's where I would have gone if I
stayed in Topeka! So yeah, Elder Shurtleff is the man. His last area
was Flagstaff. Haha, and Elder Jeong WENT to Flagstaff. Poor kid
hardly had a big enough coat for the cold nights in the valley. He'll
learn. Hopefully. Prayers to him haha.

We got a new investigator this week! His name is Quentin, and he's an
ex-gangster from Chicago. He's all tatted up, but he truly wants to
turn his life around. He had talked to missionaries in Mesa, and he
said that right after he met them, he covered up all of his gang
related tattoos. He fled the state, and moved here to get away from
everything. It's a really great recovery story. He is really awesome
and wants to meet 2-3 times a week. Plus, he was at church yesterday!
Woohoo! :)

Elder Shurtleff says he predicts that he'll get transferred this next
transfer and I'll train. That means I'll be here for like 8 months at
least....haha. Eh, I love the area. I wouldn't mind! Haha. I'm really
growing close to the members here. They're all so awesome. I am really
growing to love Phoenix. Maybe the fact that it's winter and 70
degrees. That could be a main factor. Haha!

I'm so grateful for the package I got! Oh, and Elder Buckway REALLY
wants a Webb City state shirt when they win. So do I :) A medium would
be great for me. Probably an XL for Elder Buckway, but I'll make sure
before next week. Cheer loud for me at the State game and PLEASE be
safe in St. Louis.

Next week is lookin good. How is everything back home?! :)

Much love,

Elder Jones
Elder Jones with his new companion Elder Shurtleff

Elder Jeong, Brother Meiners, Elder Jones

Going to transfers!  Bye Elder Jeong!

Boys will be boys!!

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