Wednesday, November 19, 2014

12th Pday in Phoenix BYE BYE ELDER JEONG

Sadly, Elder Jeong will be getting transferred and I'll be getting a
new companion here in Shaw Butte/Moon Mountain. I'll write more later!
I love you all! You can send mail now! Haha. By the way, I got the
package, Mom and Dad. Thanks a bunch. Those pumpkin pie pop tarts are
AMAZING. They're almost gone....hahaha. It's gonna be weird answering
our phone and not saying, "Hello, this is Elder Jones & Elder Jeong".

This week was pretty great!..right up until about 10:00 this morning.
We received a text saying that Elder Jeong will be transferred
tomorrow. I'm gonna miss that kid. He is so fun to be around and I
don't know how a testimony and conviction as big as his can fit into
such a small body. I'll miss my Korean brother, that's for sure. I am
excited to meet my new companion tomorrow, though. I keep telling
Elder Jeong he's going to go to Flagstaff for the winter and freeze
his butt off haha. We went to Wendy's for lunch to say goodbye!

Here's a recap of my week!

Monday: Elder Jeong was very tongue-twisted. We knocked on a guy's
door (we got a referral so we went to visit him) and a very heavy guy
answered without a shirt on. He was very friendly. He saw who we were
and said, "Oh, let me go put a shirt on real quick." Elder Jeong
accidentally said, "Yes, please." He meant to say, "that's okay!"
Hahaha. It was super awkward. We also were teaching a less-active,
returning family about them possibly taking the temple prep class.
When Elder Jeong brought it up, he said, "Would you guys want to take
the temple crap class?" Everyone started laughing so hard. He was
super embarrassed but laughed it off. Haha.

Tuesday: Zone conference! Four zones got together and President
Griffin instructed us. It was pretty fun. It was great to see lots of
missionaries I know! :)

Wednesday: Pretty boring, but we got to help Sister Simon trim her
tree in the back yard. She had to go somewhere and told us we can go
inside. We decided to finish trimming the tree while she was gone to
surprise her. She was super happy and thanked us a ton haha. I got the
package and I fell in love with pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts! They're almost

Thursday: Elder Jeong woke up really sick with a sore throat,
headache, fever, and stomach ache. We got a flu shot at zone
conference, so maybe it was just a reaction to that. He was good by
that evening, though. We stayed in for a little while and let him
recover a bit.

Friday: Trainer/Trainee meeting! I got to see all of the trainees I
came in with! It was my last one of these meetings as a trainee. I'm
finally done with training! Haha. Just a normal missionary now. It's
crazy to think that there are now two whole groups behind me now. I
got to see my MTC companion, Elder Sultan, and the other missionaries
who were in the mission home with me! It was a great meeting. We got a
call that night from the Spanish Elders and they said they met a guy
in our area who was taught in Mesa who wants to talk with us and he
plans on getting baptized. It was a great call! Haha. Meeting with him

Saturday: CULTURAL CELEBRATION!!! Such a great experience. The youth
treated us missionaries like royalty. I'll never forget when we were
practicing, the WHOLE group, 4300 youth, stood up and gave us a
standing ovation as we walked out onto the field. Probably the best
moment I've had on my mission so far. It was a unique experience. I am
truly blessed to have been in the presence of President Monson,
Uchtdorf, Elder Oaks, and Elder Lynn G. Robbins. There were a couple
other Elders who were in the KC celebration so that was cool to
compare experiences with them.

Sunday: Dedication! President Uchtdorf dedicated the temple, and a
member of the Moon Mountain Ward is in the new temple presidency, so
he and his wife spoke. Our stake president gave the opening prayer
too! Haha. It was a Phoenix North Stake reunion! :)

Monday: Not much happened, but on the way to an appointment we heard
like 5 coyotes howling and what sounded like a dog crying. The dog
stopped crying. Finish the puzzle. Yep, pretty sure I witnessed a dog
get killed by wild coyotes....pretty cool hahahaha.

So yeah, Elder Jeong is packing now. How's home! I want to hear from
everyone! :) it was 37 degrees this morning when we ran. Yikes.

Much love,

Elder Jones

Touchdown towel we sent him from the WC vs CJ game

He says he LOVES these!  Hint hint!

Kevin with his MTC companion Elder Sultan.  They saw each other at a trainer, trainee meeting.

Elders Buckway and Jones at the Cultural Celebration Practice Saturday.

Youth practicing

Elder Watson, from Wichita, KS, he is friends with a friend of Kevin's, Cassie!  Elder Jones says he is his new favorite person there.

Elders Jeong, Watson, Jones

Sunset before Celebration Performance

LOL!  Kevin says this is a picture of the prophet!  Guess he didn't get very close to him!

Kevin's BE A LIGHT, from the celebration

Oh my GOSH!!!!!  Kevin is COOKING!!!!! AMAZING!

Temp before early morning run. BRRRRR- for them, bring out the shorts for us!
The "Line" - Elder Bryson trained Elder Jeong, who trained Elder jones

Elder Ure, and Elder Bryson (both Assistants to the President [AP]) plus Elder Bryson trained Elder Jeong and Elder Jones

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