Monday, November 3, 2014

10th P Day in phoenix

District photo: Elder Jones, Elder Buckway, Elder Jeong,
Elder Syndergaard, Elder Burgoyne, Elder Jensen

Greetings from the frozen wasteland! (That's what it felt like when it
was 48 degrees this morning—I guess I'm already turning into an

I write this letter while eating my tuna salad sandwich, grilled
chicken on salad, yogurt, and chocolate milk. For all those who say
missionaries don't eat well: we do. Our week was pretty slow, but we
had a few miracles. I'll note them! I'm going to do my best to send
pictures, but we're pretty close on time today. We went to Goodwill
and I got two pretty sick ties. I'm excited to wear them this week!

Miracle #1: Tuesday, we had two lessons scheduled after dinner. It
was a full night and we planned accordingly. On our way to an
appointment, they called and cancelled. Five minutes later, the other
appointment cancelled. Bummed, Elder Jeong and I started finding
people to visit. I thought we should go see Dennis and Mary because
they couldn't meet last week. So we did, and, sure enough, they were
home. Dennis was home for the first night in about a week. Perfect
timing. They let us in and we ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation.
Mary had read up to 2 Nephi 2 by then, and she's almost done with 2
Nephi now. She's incredible. We invited them to be baptized on
December 6. We're super excited for them and their progress.

Miracle #2: We had gotten a referral from the temple open house a
couple weeks ago. We went back to try and schedule an appointment and
we did! They're a pretty diverse group. There were 20 year old white
people, a 92 year old black woman, and a middle aged Hispanic. They
all went to the open house and LOVED it. We set a return appointment
with Veronica, one of the people who live there. We're not too sure
who all actually lives there, but we're down with teaching everybody!

Miracle #3: *This miracle is pretty personal to just our family. It is a great one i will say, but not to be shared sorry!  (This is Emily)

I am 128 pounds now. The dry cleaner is still cleaning our clothes for
free, and Elder Jeong cooks a lot for me. I told you my companion
would cook me food, Mom!! Haha. Anyway, this are going well here. This
week is week 11, which is the week I'm training where I, the new
missionary, lead in all planning and teaching for the week. Pray for
me and wish me luck.

How is home? You should send pictures! I miss it! How's Webb City?
What's our national rank now? Patriots? VT? Celtics (now that the
season started)?

Transfers are November 19and I will know by the Tuesday before the
transfer. (That P-Day)

I love you all so much! Probably start sending mail to the mission
office until I know if I'm transferred. I hope I don't get
transferred! Haha.

Much love,

Elder Jones

photo session after trip to temple
at the temple!!  Cool picture!

Elder Jones with YM president Brother John Cannon

Elder Jeong's short tie

Mucho Mango!! His favorite

sweater weather in Phoenix! 

Phoenix is having a cold spell!  Pull out the sweaters.

See how cold it is!!

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