Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11th P-Day in Phoenix

Elder Jones and Elder Jeong official picture at the Phoenix Temple

Dear Family and Friends,

I apologize for the late message. It's been pretty busy today! I got a new tie and it'd pretty awesome. I'm at a computer so there will be pictures! :) This week has been pretty good. It's been a tough week for me, but I'm getting through it. The weather is finally cooling off so that sure helps. Every morning is about 55 and it gets up to about 80 every day. I wear my sweater almost every night after dinner. So, in other words, Phoenix is awesome. I guess this is why people live here. I wasn't really sure why people lived here when it was August and 120 degrees. Now I understand!
 Tuesday morning, our zone and a couple other zones had the opportunity to go to the Phoenix Temple and help prepare for the dedication. We moved furniture from some of the rooms down into storage. Some of those rooms include the Celestial Room, Sealing Rooms, Sealing waiting room, and the baptistry room. It was weird being able to just walk around a place that is usually so guided. It was also a pain to get the massive couches out of the tiny Celestial Room doors, but it was okay. It was difficult to get frustrated in the Temple! Haha. We then got a special tour of the temple. We got to go "behind the scenes." It reminded me of when we went behind the maintenance gates at Disney this past Spring. We got to see the water pumps, storage, everything. It was really impressive!

We got a new investigator this week from the Temple Open House! The first thing she said when we went to our first lesson with her was, "I want to know more." We told her we could help with that! She's 24 and a single mother of a handicapped 2 year-old boy. We actually set a baptismal date on our first lesson. She is super solid. Can't wait to see where the Gospel will take her!

Don't send any mail or packages to my house OR the office until after I can clarify next P-Day. By the way, next P-day will be Tuesday, because it's transfer week. Please please please watch the Cultural Celebration for the Phoenix Temple! I'll be in it, and President Monson will be there. I'm psyched to be in another Celebration. :) It'll be even cooler as a missionary. Our whole mission will be there! Even the missionaries in Flagstaff! Haha, they usually get left out of service/activities that go on in the Valley because they're so far away. It's already snowing a ton there and VERY cold. Eh, I'll keep the 80 degree days. My luck I'll get transferred to Prescott or Flag for the winter. Haha.

Hope all is well. How is home? Please let me know! I miss it! Glad to hear about Webb City. Dad, how's the other sports world going? 

I'll email you all pictures individually. Love you all. Prayers are needed, especially now! 

Much love, 

Elder Kevin Jones

Kevin's water bottle that he adds all his fruit stickers to

Elder Buckway and Elder Jones

Hi Grandma!

Elder Jeong cooking for Elder Jones!

Elder Jeong made some kimchi fried rice and fish! (Korean stuff)
(love his description!)

Fast Sunday is rough

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