Wednesday, January 14, 2015

20th P-Day in Phoenix: Finally...

Dear friends and family,

We are finally seeing something happen in our area! Not a ton more,
but still more than usual.

Tuesday: After studies we helped a less-active member chop wood. I got
some pictures, so I'll send some later. Keep in mind this is January
6. We were sweating like crazy. We had a great time though. We chopped
eucalyptus wood, which is like trying to chop rock. It took a long
time to get some decent firewood, but we had fun. The member thought
it was pretty funny watching us try to chop the wood. She was
grateful, though! :) That night we were out finding people and we
knocked on a potential investigator names Joe's door. He opened and we
set up a return appointment for Thursday. This story gets better!

Wednesday: It was 81 degrees and it felt great. I had forgotten what
it was like to sweat while biking. Haha not much happened today, just
a lot of finding. One funny thing that happened was that we were
biking down a road by our house and I saw a familiar piece of paper on
the sidewalk. I stopped and picked it up and it was a Scoopie token
off a Culver's kid's meal! I would recognize that thing anywhere haha.

Thursday: We had our lesson with Joe! We taught him the Restoration
and he really gets it. He said that everything makes sense and he felt
the Spirit as I told him the First Vision. He said he really wants to
know more! He lives with his buddy and he may be interested too! I
really hope so. Another cool thing happened today. We were biking
around and a guy stopped us and prayed with us. He was carrying a case
of beer, but he said he "has prayed with the Elders for years" haha it
was pretty cool. He even prayed really well...

Friday: We had zone meeting. It was pretty great. We got to do some
awesome role plays and just learn how to be better. We can all use it!
Elder Watson, the Elder I have connections with from Wichita, is now
in our zone! I'm super excited because we are pretty dang good
friends. We got to catch up at zone meeting. Not much else happened

Saturday: We had a lesson with a bearded-lady. She is a member. Yeah
it was super awkward but I guess it was good haha. Sister Simon
surprised us with Kfc for dinner because we didn't have a dinner
appointment! Yeah she's pretty awesome. We had missionary coordination
meeting and our new Assistant Ward mission leader was in the mission
presidency with President Taylor and President Beck....he doesn't
really know how to be an assistant, but at least we have some good
input! Haha. :) He's on fire.

Sunday: Church... Haha we had a stake coordination meeting because E.
Shurtleff is the new district leader. I just sat there while all the
other district leaders and our zone leaders talked about our zone. It
was a pretty cool experience. Our stake president is so so so awesome.
It rained from 6pm until Monday morning. It was a cold rain

So that's about all that happened this week! We're really psyched
about our new investigator, Joe. I hope he's as excited as we are!
Haha. I'd love to hear back from you all! Love and miss you. Still
accepting letters. Elder Shurtleff has been getting more letters than
me! Hahaha. Send them to sister Simons house! If you don't have that
address, get it from my mom! :)

Have a great week!

Much love,

Elder Jones

Service day Elder Jones chopping firewood!!

Elder Shurtleff taking a break.!

What do you do with a BIG shirt?  See how many Elders will fit in it of course!

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