Tuesday, January 20, 2015

YES! 21st P Day in Phoenix

Okay so we had a great week!! Our work is paying off! Just read the
rest and find out! Haha. :)
Oh, and I record the high temperature of the day in my journal. I'll
include it in each day just to make everyone jealous! ;)

Monday: After P-Day we had our usual Monday appointments. We had a
lesson with a less-active/returning family. The dad said he wants to
bless the sacrament and the kids to pass. They talked with bishop and
they're gonna make it happen next week! They were sick last Sundayy
which was kinda lame but they'll be there Sunday. It's been cool
being someone who has helped them come back to the Kingdom and begin
their temple journey. We then taught Eliza, the 10 year old daughter
to a less-active member. She's always a handful and a ball of fun
haha. Monday nights are always great! Oh, I got my haircut and they
said it grew over an inch in 5 weeks. Yep, nothing has changed. Haha.
Temp: 70°F

Tuesday: My 5 month mark! It doesn't feel like five months....that's
crazy. We had a great day planned: three investigator lessons.
Unfortunately, all three lessons ended up canceling which was kinda
lame. Brother Meiners took us to Macayo's for dinner. I have decided
that it is my favorite restaurant ever. Haha. It puts Del Rio to
shame!! We visited a potential investigator named Tom that night. He
opened up and we went in and taught about the Book of Mormon and
Joseph smith. He has studied a lot of religious texts and wants to
know more about our religion! We are going back in a couple days.
Possible new investigator there! Oh yeah! Temp: 68°F

Wednesday: No teaching appointments, but we had a couple miracles
happen. Not much happened in the morning, but in the afternoon WE SAW
AN AUDI R8 just driving down Greenway Pkwy. I couldn't control my
excitement! Hahaha. For all who don't know what an Audi R8 is, LOOK IT
UP. It made my week. Haha. Most of the people we visited opened and
talked to us for a little bit, and apparently Quinton is back? I guess
they got back together. So we may have him back. Haha. Joe wasn't
feeling well, so he had to cancel his appointment...STAY TUNED FOR

Thursday: Weekly planning day. We were inside most of the day. Joe
texted us and said he was feeling better, but was having second
thoughts about changing his religion. We got him to let us come by and
talk about it and maybe help strengthen his general faith in Christ.
Obviously, we knew we were going to try and resolve some concerns. We
set up a time for Saturday. We also had a lesson with the family who
knows the Dugdales, the Collins'. They say hello, Dugdales! Haha.
Temp: 71°F

Friday: We had district meeting and Elder Shurtleff killed it. He's a
great DL. After the meeting we went out finding some less-active
members and a lady opened the door and said she's not a member but her
husband is. We asked if we could come by and share a message but they
said they like their church. We left, but felt like we should go
back....so, as crazy as it sounds, we went back and knocked again. We
bore testimony of the truthfulness of the Restoration and that of
eternal families. We could tell she felt the Spirit and she told us to
stop by again soon to talk to her husband and we could see where it
goes. #SpiritualPromptings

Saturday: Probably the best day of my mission so far. We contacted
quite a few people and taught Joe! We taught the Plan of Salvation and
he really connected with the message. He loved it! We were able to
help him resolve his concerns and he is wanting to learn more again.
He is so solid. We set a baptismal date for February 14th for him! We
asked if he'd have plans for Valentine's Day and he just laughed. I
HAD TO MAKE THE JOKE. I said, "At least now you have a .....date." We
all started laughing and he is excited to be baptized. We set up that
a member pick him up for church. We also contacted a tipsy Mexican guy
who was super pumped on Jesus. He invited us into his apartment and we
taught about the Book of Mormon. We gave him one and we're coming back
soon! He's moving to South Phoenix (yikes) on Feb 2nd, but we will send
in the referral.

Wants to come back and keep learning. He's coming to a fireside called
"What the Heck is a Mormon?" The Stake President talked to him and he
got a lot more fellowship at church. He loves the people and the
message. Woohoo!! I am so happy for him!

That's my week! Mom, you should probably just mail the
package....sorry. I do request a pack of AA batteries in the
package....I'm out.

Love you all and would love to hear from you all too. :)


Elder Jones

This is all I got this week for pictures!
Just to comfort? me he said he wasn't carrying his camera with him anymore because he didn't wan it to get stolen.  Well that makes me NOT worry.... NO!

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