Monday, September 1, 2014

He arrived in AZ

Hey family! I made it to my first area. I'm in North Phoenix. My
trainer is Elder Jeong (pronounced Jung) and he's from Korea! He's a
stud and I already love him. My P day is on Mondays, but I am allowed
to send you an email here. We are an ALL biking area. Last night was
my first experience on the bike! We rode about 10 miles. We live with
a widowed woman, with special permission from the mission pres. She
has had missionaries for 4 years now.
I didn't have to purchase my iPad, but I might soon. We will get my
bike next week; I'm using Sister Simon's now. Send packages to the
mission office (the address you sent the other one) in case of a
transfer. If it's an emergency, my address is

810 W Caribbean Ln
Phoenix, AZ 85023

Letters far from transfers can be sent there for now.

It's super hot but it's okay. Hahaha! I love you all.

Elder K. Jones

You can send letters and packages to this address until Oct 1st.  Then we will see if he is transfered

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