Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4th Pday in Phoenix!

Hey there, my wonderful parents!

This week has been pretty awesome. It's beginning to cool off a bit,
which is nice. However, it's monsoon season (basically like rain every
week for maybe an hour on one day) so it's "super humid" as the locals
say. They will say, "Man! It's like 60% humidity today!" I just laugh.
The highs are topping out only at about 100 degrees, which is better
than the 110 and 115 temperatures it was when I got here. We had
another dust storm the other day, but it wasn't bad at all. We stayed
out and we were fine. OH! And I went to goodwill today and found a
$100 pair of 30x32 Banana Republic slacks. Goodwill price? $9.50. The
pants still had tags on them. Even better, they are washable. I also
found another pair of EXPRESS slacks, 30x32, washable, and they fit me
perfectly. $80 pants for $6.50. The deals at goodwill are amazing.
Elder Jeong said he found a brand new pair of Echo's for like $10.
Crazy. If you can find 30x32 or 29x32 washable dark slacks, I'd
appreciate them a bunch. Dry cleaning is a hassle! Oh,and everyone
loves my white floral tie. And I'm wearing my carpet tie today. Elder
Jeong has a red carpet tie. I'll try and attach a picture of us. :)
In the more spiritual side, we are doing well. I had my first
interview with President Griffin Thursday. He told Elder Jeong and
me, "I like you two. I love all of my missionaries, but I really like
you two. There's just something there and I can feel it." It was
wonderful. He's so awesome. I'm honored to have him as my mission
president. I have my first leading exchange Tuesday night- Wednesday
night. Elder Jeong is going to the Cactus View area with Elder
Syndergaard, and I'm staying here and Elder Buckway is joining me. I'm
so nervous to lead. I don't know the area super well yet, and you know
me. You understand my directional struggles. Luckily, we have two
appointments Wednesday and they're both in the same apartment
complex and fairly close. Phew! Haha. I love Elder Buckway, though. He
just got here from being on medical leave in the Philippines. He
speaks Tougalic. He served there for 3 months and threw out his back.
He's a super cool guy. We're teaching a Hindu guy and he's coming
along well. We are also teaching a family of 5. The dad is from the
Dominican Republic. He's a big black guy. He's SO awesome. His name is
Juan and he used to play in the minor leagues. (Dad, he looks like
Yasiel (sp?) Puig) and the mom is Russian. They love the church and
want to be sealed. Teaching them is so amazing because you can see the
potential they have to be an eternal family. How cool is that?? :)
Anyways, Phoenix is growing on me. It's only 99 right now. Bring out the jacket!

Mission tour is tomorrow, so 6 zones are getting together and Elder
Corbridge of the Seventy is coming down to speak to us. I'm excited.

Laundry and shopping on my own is coming along well. Lots of hot
pockets, apples, and frozen meals for 1! We had spaghetti 2 nights in
a row after not having it the whole time I've been here. Oh well, it
was alright. :) The Lord is helping me! (Side note here Kevin does NOT like spaghetti!  
That is one of the things I told him he had to learn to eat!!)

Another side note. Kevin says he will be in this area for another 7 weeks until his training is done.  
So mail can continue to go to his home there until mid Nov I am thinking.  I will let you know when
it gets close to transfer time.

Much love,

Elder Jones

Elder Jones and Elder Jeong in their "carpet ties"
He does remember what I taught him!  Guess he was listening after all!

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