Monday, September 1, 2014

first P day in AZ

Mom and Dad, 

Okay! I'm here! 

To clear a few things up: As of now, we don't have to buy the iPads. That may change, but I'll give you warning if it does. We will be buying my bike (most likely) sometime this week. As you can imagine, we're pretty dang busy! Haha. I included the address and mail info in my last email. Again, I'm sorry that it didn't send; I was allowed to email you Tuesday night, but it didn't send I guess. I went grocery shopping and bought this week's food and I only spent $21. Oh yeah, missionary life is fun.
My companion, Elder Jeong, knows how I feel in the sense that he is small! He is Korean, and wears a 14 1/2 shirt and a 28 waist pant!! Haha. He cooks for every meal, and I just eat a sandwich or something. Not much has changed. However, I do eat salad with every meal!!! Plus I probably drink about a gallon of water a day. 
It's a state law in Arizona that if someone knocks on your door and asks for water, you have to give it to them. That's a plus! :)
As far as the missionary side goes, we are having a slow week. We don't have any investigators right now, which is kinda sad. We are still trying super hard, though. Right before I got here, however, they had a baptism! His name is James Mike, and he's truly a spiritual giant. He already has the priesthood, he blessed the sacrament this Sunday, and he's making preparations to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. He's awesome. 
All of the missionaries in the Arizona Phoenix Mission get to be in the cultural celebration for the new temple! I can't wait! :) 
The temperature usually tops out at about 105-111 degrees. No sunburns yet, though! Sunscreen is the best!!! Put some mint Mentos in my birthday package. I ate a ton of them at the MTC and now I miss them...haha. 
Living with a member is pretty cool. We get a nice washer and dryer and she buys the soap! :)

I don't know President or Sister Griffin's email. We email them through the missionary portal....sorry. We don't have much time to eat at restaurants, so I'll let you know if I need/want a giftcard. 

We're covering two wards, Shaw Butte (Byewt) and Moon Mountain, so that means like seven hours of church every Sunday  Hahahaha.

Love and miss you both. Keep praying for me. Only about a month until I find out why people live in Arizona. In January it's about 70 every day. ;)

Much love,
Elder K. Jones

Elder Jeong and Elder Jones

Elder Jones

​OH! And here's the new Phoenix temple! It's set to open at the end of October!

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