Monday, September 8, 2014

2nd P Day in AZ

This was his first note of the day, but he wrote more later.  See Below:

Just got back from the store and the dry cleaner. We gave the guy our
clothes and he said that it was free. Instead of paying $10, he is
doing our cleaning for free. How nice is that? He isn't LDS either! I
got a new helmet and water bottle at the store. Now I'll look good! I
used my walmart gift cards for those. Still haven't used my debit
card. Idk when I'll be getting my bike. The zone leaders said that
someone who went home left his bike, so I might get that one. I love
sister Simon's bike too. I will probably ride it until I leave this
area haha. ;) I got Reese's puffs at the store. Elder Jeong cooks
almost every meal so he thinks it's weird that I love sandwiches and
cereal. Hahaha! We got like 4 inches of rain last night. They
cancelled school here for the rain. I swear, only in Arizona. Haha!
I'll send another email soon. Love ya!

Elder Jones

Hey, Mom and Dad! Greetings from Arizona! This has been a very eventful week.....well, kinda....more eventful than last week. Mom wants to know my daily schedule, so here ya go:

6:30-8:00AM-- Wake up, run (yeah, I know. RUN...), shower, breakfast, get dressed
8:00-9:00AM-- Personal Study
9:00-11:00AM-- Companion Study
11:00AM-1:00PM-- Proselyting (teach/find/tract)
1:00-2:00PM-- Lunch
2:00-3:00-- Online proselyting (I clean out my Facebook at the moment)
3:00-5:00-- Proselyte
5:00-6:00-- Dinner (At home or at a member's home)
6:00-9:00-- Proselyte
9:00-9:45-- Daily planning for the next day
9:45-10:30-- Prepare for bed
10:30PM-- Lights OUT!

Well, that's missionary life. We fasted on Sunday for a new investigator, and 5 minutes before we broke the fast for dinner, we got a call. It was a guy who was excommunicated but desperately needs the Church back in his life. He said, "I'm gonna be one of those guys who all the missionaries dream of. I'm willing to do anything, no matter how long it takes, to come back." We have 3 appointments with him next The Lord loves His children, and this guy is on the right path. Maybe he'll be my first baptism! ;)
Last night was super rainy....I guess it rained about 4 inches and everything flooded. the interstate was closed, and 4 freeways around here were closed. They even cancelled school for the kids here......hahaha. Cancel for rain? Only in Arizona. I AM SO EXCITED to hear about Webb and VT. I'm super super happy about that. Oh, and a guy from church said the Patriots lost to the Dolphins? What the heck? Oh well. 
I am getting tan....I haven't burned yet despite the sunny days and 110 degree heat. Maybe all the sweat blocks the sun...haha. 
Well, we have a full week next week. Lots of teaching appointments. We were riding to an appointment and we see a guy walking in the distance. Elder Jeong says, "Elder Jones, talk to that guy." Hesitantly, I agreed. So we ride up beside him and I say, "Hey! We're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Can we leave you with a card? Go to the website on the card and it will tell you a lot of what we believe." He graciously took it and we talked a little. I asked if we could come by and share a message or say a prayer sometime and he said yes, TONIGHT! So we're stopping by tonight at 7! My first street contact set up an appointment! Elder Jeong was kinda mad I didn't get rejected my first time, but he's still happy for me. Hahaha! 
Well, here's some pictures. I've been trying his weird Korean foods....I had kimchi and seaweed, rice, and some Korean beef. It's okay, but I prefer my PB&J's and PB&B's and green bean sandwiches. ;)
WE GOT CAUGHT IN A DUST STORM. We took cover in an investigator's house for an hour and the Zone Leaders picked us up and threw our bikes in their truck. When we saw it, it was too late. We were 7 miles from home. hahahaha. Attached is a picture of it,. Sorry that two pictures are sideways.....

I love you and miss you both. Keep praying for me. :) I'll send the pictures in a new email. not enough space.

Much love,
Elder K. Jones
They are TALL!

dust storm they got caught in

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