Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Taking the Back Seat - Week 101-- 99 Weeks in Phoenix Mission -- 14 weeks in Buckeye

Taking the Back Seat - Week 101--
 99 Weeks in Phoenix Mission -- 14 weeks in Buckeye
Dear friends and family,

Greetings from good old Buckeye, AZ. Things are going well here! I
wish I could tell you we had the greatest week ever, but it was pretty
normal. Here goes.

I was able to go on exchanges with a Elder Davenport in his area. He
took a Elder Thaut's place two weeks ago. We taught a couple lessons
and visited some people. We tracted (knocked doors) for an hour or so
and met a lady who only spoke Spanish. I got to ask if she wants
Spanish missionaries and she understood me and said yes! It was pretty
cool! I served with Elder Davenport in Glendale so it was cool to
catch up with him again. We also did some service with the zone
leaders, Elders Weston and Thaut. They are Sooo fun to be around.

We had interviews with President and Sister Griffin last week. He
prefaced our interview by saying he's not going to trunk me out by
talking about home. He's gonna save that for my exit interview. Funny
story though, when I went in for my little interview with Sister
Griffin she said, "So, you excited to go home?!" Haha so obviously
they didn't coordinate the message :) But it's okay. It's gonna take a
lot more than that to "trunk me out."

Stepping back
It's really really hard stepping back and letting my companions take
the lead in situations. I'm so used to being the leader having been
the senior companion almost my whole mission besides like five months.
President wants me to let Elder Gunnell and Elder Thames take over and
lead. I usually know what to say and I want to say it, but then I
remember what my wonderful trainer, Elder Jeong, would do to help me.
He would let me lead. He would let me make decisions. He would let me
mess up so I could learn. I'm grateful for his example of how to be a
good follower—while still leading and teaching. You da best, Elder
Jeong! :)

Awesome call
Last week we got a call from a member telling us about a lady named
Frances who wants us to come by. Well turns out she's a single mom
with like three kids who is interested in the Church! She said she
would not be able to attend church because of work and custody stuff
with the dad. However, by the grace of God, they switched the day Mom
has the kids to weekends! So they can come to church! We have our
first meeting with them tomorrow night. I can't wait.

We were able to meet with quite a few people this week, but mostly the
normals. Stephanie is doing great! She's progressing to her
patriarchal blessing and will be attending the temple to do baptisms
here in a couple weeks. She is SO solid!

Well that's about it. Thank you all for your support and prayers. I
can definitely feel it. Stay classy, Y'all. Keep prayin.

Much love,

Elder Jones
Buckeye 1st & Sundance Wards
Arizona Phoenix Mission

giving directions to Chris

Crazy zone picture

1 MONTH to go!


My hamburger boy has turned into a steak man!

Elder Thames

Elder Gunnell

Chris and Elder Jones  Favorite member from Peoria.


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