Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cue Last Transfer!--Week 100-- 98 weeks in Phoenix Mission- 13 weeks in Buckeye

Cue Last Transfer!--Week 100--

98 weeks in Phoenix Mission- 13 weeks in Buckeye

Dear friends and family,

Greetings heroes and villains, things are going swell out here in the
Buckeye Kingdom! We had a few miracles this week and I can't be more
excited for my last transfer. We have a lot of potential this coming
transfer. Plus I got another companion so that's cool!

New companion
Because Elder Thames and I are both going home at the same time,
President put another elder with us so he can take over the area when
we go home. Elder Gunnell is my new companion and we are getting along
great! He has been out for nine months and is from Shakopee,
Minnesota. He's a cool kid who played League of Legends just like me.
So we have plenty to talk about. It's been a while since I've had a
companion who played video games! I'm excited to get to know him
better and show him around our area!

Ladonna miracle!
We have been teaching a lady named Ladonna for a long time. She is
what we call an "eternigator," or an eternal investigator. We stopped
by her place and taught her a powerful lesson on church attendance.
She committed to come to church (which she has done multiple times,
but never showed up). WELL SHE ACTUALLY CAME. AND LOVED IT. She said
she would be back next week and we set up another time to see her. She
is progressing!!! Such a cool miracle. The members were so happy to
see her at church.

We got to do some more service for the Gomez family! They are
remodeling their house so we went by and helped him move some bricks
and painted some of his house! We'll be going by again this week to
help him paint more.

Rusty and Liz from my last area were baptized!! Although they wanted
me to baptize them, I couldn't go to the baptismal service because I
have been gone from that area for more than six weeks. Kinda sad that
I didn't get to go since they're two of my absolute favorites, but
they were still baptized and apparently all went well! They sent me a
picture of them after the baptism with their current elder, Elder
Wille. It's only fitting that they were baptized by one of my favorite
elders, Elder Wille! Rusty, after he was baptized, let a rubber ducky
go in the font just like he promised. I told him he wouldn't do it. He
did it. He's a legend. I love those people so much!

So that was my week! I love you all and appreciate your kind words and
prayers. I'm excited to finish strong. #REKT


Elder Jones
Buckeye 1st & Sundance Wards
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Kevin and his 2 companions Elders Thames and Gunnell

The three Musketeers

Rusty, Elder Wille, and Liz at their baptism. HE LET THIS DUCKY GO

Restoration Jenga with Stephanie!

New district photo!

Weekly Selfie

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