Tuesday, July 5, 2016

And Then There Were 3...Week 99- 97 weeks in Phoenix Mission-- 12 weeks in Buckeye

And Then There Were 3...Week 99-  
97 weeks in Phoenix Mission-- 12 weeks in Buckeye

Dear friends and family,

This week was pretty average, so I'm sorry if it's a lame email! Here goes!

So we got our transfer news! Elder Thames and I will be joined by a
third elder, Elder Gunnell. I don't know much about him but I'm
excited to meet him and spend my last transfer with him! Speaking of
which.....last transfer.....yikes things are getting real.

We did quite a bit of service! Last Tuesday we helped our ward mission
leader and his wife clean out their garage. Brother Woodruff is blind,
so it was fun to help out! He is amazing. It is incredible how many
things he does as if he could see. He helped us lift things, sort
through things, and put things away. All while not being able to see.
Yeah, he's amazing. Plus, it was like 110°F while we were cleaning out
the garage.
We also got to help the Gomez's again by finishing up painting in
their house. They had us over to help and then fed us burgers for
lunch! They're really fun people to be around. Both are high school
teachers so it was nice to pick their brains about how to be a good

July 4th
Well we had a pretty lame Independence Day! After we helped the
Gomez's with their house, we just kinda......hung out because we
couldn't go out and proselyte after 6. So we had dinner and hung out.
Haha. HARDCORE! I did, however, wear my American flag tie. See
attached picture. :)

We had lessons with most of the same people. We got to meet with
Ladonna finally after not meeting with her for about a month. We'll
see if our next appointment holds through with her!
Stephanie is doing great as a recent convert. She continues to learn
every day and accepts the gospel more and more. She is already seeing
the blessings in her life! Man, I love being able to promise people
blessings and have God follow through!! She's excited to go to the
temple for baptisms and she's already super eager to get her
patriarchal blessing! She is progressing—FAST.

Well that was my week! Sorry it was a short letter. I look forward to
my last transfer with new opportunities to learn and grow!

Much love,

Elder Jones
Buckeye 1st & Sundance Wards
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Abnormal district picture

Normal district picture

Stormy day in Buckeye!

Happy Fourth!

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