Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sick...again -- Week 78- 76 weeks in Phoenix- 28 weeks in Glendale

Sick...again -- 
Week 78- 76 weeks in Phoenix- 28 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

As you can tell by the title of the email, I have been super sick this
week! I feel kind of bad for Elder Young because he's just kind of had
to hang out at home with me a couple days. I wish I could say it's
getting's not much better. Anyway, here was
my week! I didn't write much because I was really sick.

We had interviews with President Griffin this week! Normally
interviews with church leaders can be boring and annoying, but not
with President Griffin! He is so great and always asks how he can help
with our work. And when you've been out a while like me he throws in
some funny stuff. He has such a dry sense of humor that just makes me
laugh so much. This one funny thing he said during my interview with
"Elder Jones, when did you come out again?"
"August, 2014."
"Oh yeah—so you're one of the old ones now!"
"I don't feel like an old one, President!"
" don't look like one either. When you're 30 and married
your wife is gonna look like a cougar!"
I just thought that one was funny. He's such a great guy and
definitely makes me feel comfortable in the mission. I have learned so
much from his example in the 18 months I've been in Phoenix.

So Rusty and Liz, our two most progressing investigators, need to be
married before they can get baptized. Rusty got his approval from the
First Presidency, so that's their only barrier. They aren't too fond
of the idea of marrying, because they believe that they were put
together by God, they don't need to sign a paper....etc. which is a
legitimate concern! But we talked with them and said it's not our
rule—it's God's. They lightened up on the subject and Liz said, "Oh,
and there's one more problem....He's never asked me!!!" The mood
lightened up and we put them on date for March. We tentatively planned
March 12, but we're not sure when the wedding will happen so we'll
see! Anyway, great news!

Urgent Care
I had to go to urgent care because of my sickness! My right ear is
completely plugged because of an "imbalance of pressure" or something
like that. I kinda wished it was something that could be treated, but
oh well. DayQuil and NyQuil have been my best friends. Plus I got
ID'ed when I bought NyQuil. I felt like an adult.

With my sickness I slept a lot. I never thought I'd ever say that I
was tired of sleeping, but I sure was after the second day of being
sick. Now that I'm a little better I can function more haha.

I'm going to attach a picture of the weather in my picture email. You
will all be jealous. Heck, I'm jealous for you!!

That was my week. Sorry it was short. I'm sure you'll get over it! ;)
I hope you all have a great week and stay strong. This week I will hit
my 18-month mark. o.o

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

The district Elders Bryan, Plourde, Cespedes, Miller, Jones, Young,
Diamante, Dawson

Weather. Be jealous. ;)

weekly selfie

Pday - getting some meds from a member friend


locked out of apartment:(

Me and Elder Plourde

Elder Bryan and Elder Plourde

Chilling in Urgent Care

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