Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Citrus Attack!--Week 80- 78 weeks in Phoenix Mission- 30 weeks in Glendale

--Citrus Attack!--
Week 80- 78 weeks in Phoenix Mission- 30 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

Hello, wonderful family and friends of mine! This was a great week.
The work here in Glendale is going great and I'm excited to be here at
least one more transfer. Oh yeah—im not getting transferred. Neither
is Elder Bryan or Elder Plourde, but they're getting another Spanish
missionary. They'll be in a tripanionship this transfer. Here was my

We got a very welcomed phone call on Thursday morning. Right after
studies we were just talking to our roommates and our phone rang. We
answered, and it was Elder Petty, our housing coordinator. He told us
that he was getting us out of our nasty apartment ASAP. He told us to
go look for another place to move, so we did! We found a super nice
complex in our area with some openings. Elder Petty came down and
signed some papers and made it official. He said, "I don't care if I
have to pay for a vacant apartment, we're getting you out of there."
We will hopefully move in on February 29th! Boom!!

We had a trainer/trainee meeting in Peoria on Friday. I got to see a
lot of the missionaries I miss dearly at the meeting. A couple I got
to see were Elder Thaut and Elder Rodriguez! It was great to see them.
At the meeting President Griffin gave some great training regarding
the most important things we do as missionaries. It was really
inspiring and made me want to do better!!

Fruit Picking
We participated in "Glendale's Day of Service" with our ward. Our
group was assigned to pick grapefruit off of trees in a local park.
The fruit was then donated to a local food bank. It was so fun to pick
all the fruit! We picked alongside of the Conn family, members of our
ward. We got to talk with them and build more trust! My arms were all
scraped up from the pointy things on the tree, though. Worth!!!

I was able to go on two exchanges last week! One with Elder Bryan (DL)
and one with Elder Gardner (ZL). While I was with Elder Gardner, we
visited Mike and Cindy, a recent convert and his girlfriend who isn't
a member. Well, not girlfriend anymore. THEY'RE ENGAGED! So that's
super cool!! I will send out a picture of them. Cindy is struggling
with the desire to be baptized, so we asked if she has truly prayed
about the Book of Mormon. She admitted that she hasn't, so we
committed them to kneel together as a couple and to pray to know if
the Book of Mormon is true. She said she would, so we'll find out how
that went this week!

Winding down
I only have 4 transfers left on my mission. AHHHH IM NOT READY FOR

Whelp, it hit 90°F in February. It's gonna be a fun summer. #PrayForFlagstaff

That's about all that happened this week! We had some good lessons
with converts and less-active members, and we got two super good
self-referrals we will be following up on this week! Hopefully I'll
have some good news next week! :) OH, we finally got our new ward
mission leader after 7 weeks of being on our own. Brother Taylor, who
was the YM president is now our new ward mission leader. Yay! :) can't
wait to work with him.

Have a great week!

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

weekly selfie

Elders Jones and Young 

Elder jones

Deciding to buy a steak over a cheeseburger
write this on the calendar!

eating his yummy dinner... Thanks Chris!

 Elder Plourde, body builder

Me with Mike and Cindy!

 Mike and Cindy's engagement! Super cool!!

Elder Bryan on our exchange

 Elder Thaut and me.

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