Wednesday, January 27, 2016

CATS!! Week 76, 74 weeks in Phoenix mission, 26 weeks in Glendale

Week 76, 74 weeks in Phoenix mission, 26 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

This week was pretty great. I don't have much time but here is my best
shot at a good letter!

Missionary Broadcast
We got to watch a broadcast put on by the missionary department to all
of the missionaries in the whole world. It was really great! Nothing
really changed.....but the messages were all wonderful. Lots of focus
on teaching repentance and baptizing. Basically the essence of what we
do as missionaries. We learned how to fulfill our purpose better. We
watched it at a member of the stake presidency's home.

Brother Palmer, the Great
There is a member in our ward named Brother Palmer. He is such an
amazing man. Very few people are available during the day to come with
us to lessons, so Brother Palmer comes with us quite a bit. We came
with us to a lesson with Christine, our recent convert who is
terminally ill. After our lesson, we didn't have time to bike all the
way to our dinner appointment, so he just dropped us off. They hadn't
confirmed, and the French Sisters were coming to our member's house
for dinner too. We asked Brother Palmer to make sure they were home
before he drove off. Turns out our dinner appointment forgot, so we
asked Brother Palmer just to take us to our apartment. He offered to
have us and the Sisters over for dinner! So we had a great dinner with
their family, and they fed us the next day because that's the day they
actually signed up for. Needless to say the Palmers are the best!!

Our investigators are doing really well! The lady we have on date for
baptism on February 13, Dianne, has quit smoking! She had smoked for
years and after we taught the word of wisdom—she quit! We told her to
replace the desire to smoke with the Book of Mormon, and it has been
working really well for her. Rusty and Liz are still doing great and
treating us well. When we bike over there they always tell us to call
them when we get home because it's a bad neighborhood. It's nice
having someone care that much about our safety that they request a
call. I know that if my mom could request a call every night, she
would.  Haha! We also had an incredible lesson with Katie, a recent
convert. It's been hard to have a lesson with her recently since she's
been so busy, but we finally got in. We read Moroni 10 with her and
she really felt the Spirit.

Rusty and Liz have a lot of cats. 14 to be exact. We usually meet
outside for that reason. After our lesson with them on Friday Rusty
wanted to show us something inside their apartment. We went in and saw
all of their cats. They have so many! The thing is, though, none of
their cats are nasty! Liz raises pure bred shorthair cats and takes
REALLY good care of them. That didn't help the allergy attack that
went down, though. So I got a picture and a video of all of the cats.
I'll send the picture in my picture email. :)

Cool referral
We have been teaching Lucilia and her family since she just got
baptized. We're trying to help their family strengthen their faith and
return to activity. James, the dad, said he felt prompted to invite
Lucilia's friend's family to hear the gospel. He's going to ask them
this week!

So that was my week! Sorry it seems kind of lame. Elder Young is doing
great. He's awesome!! I hope you all have a great week!!!

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Elder Jones and Young

At Culver's w/ member

Elder Jones

Elder Young

Member's Cats

Elder Jones is highly allergic!



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