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This Little Argentine! Week 74, 72 week in Phoenix Az Mission, 24 weeks in Glendale

This Little Argentine!   
Week 74, 72 week in Phoenix Az Mission, 24 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

Oh my goodness this week was full of changes!! It was such a sad and
happy week all at the same time. Plus it is transfer week so our pday
is today, Tuesday, which made for an extra long week. Honestly, it
feels like last pday was weeks ago. It has been nice to relax for the
day so far. Anyway, here was my week!

Argentina :(
Wednesday morning as we were studying our phone rang. I looked at the
screen and it said, "APM President Griffin." As a missionary, a
million things go through your mind when you see that your mission
president is calling. The time in between the initial ringing to the
time you answer the phone feels like an eternity. Anyway, we answered
and he greeted us in his usual sarcastic way. We made some small talk
and then he said, "Elder Jones, I have some bad news for you and good
news for Elder Fernandez." He then told us that his visa came in and
that was going to fly out of Phoenix Sky Harbor at 2pm on January 11.
We dropped Elder Fernandez off at the mission office to embark on the
rest of his mission journey in Rosario, Argentina. I really grew to
love that kid and know that he's going to do wonders in Argentina.
Since Elder Fernandez has been gone I've been in a tripanionship with
my roommates who cover the Spanish ward.

Transfers + Training
Today is transfer day, so we obviously got the transfer news.
President told me on the phone when he called about Fernandez's visa
that I would be training again.  That means I'll be staying here in
Glendale for at least 3 more months. Then maybe I'll be able to come
off bike for the last 4 months of my mission! :) Fingers crossed!
Elder Clough, one of my roommates, is getting transferred. We came
into the apartment together, so I have lived with him for six months!
I'm gonna miss him a lot! Anyway, this transfer coming up will be a
great one. This transfer I will enter the last quarter of my mission.
I hope to make it the best 6 months ever!

Temple Trip w/ President
A while ago, our zone leaders presented us with a challenge at zone
meeting. They challenged us to contact 1500 people as a zone in the
month of December. We had to talk to someone, invite them to do
something, and ask for a referral for it to "count" as a contact. So
our zone got to work. At the end of the month we had almost 2000
contacts all together! President Griffin rewarded us by taking our
whole zone to the Phoenix temple for an endowment session on Friday.
It was really cool to be in the temple with so many people I have
grown to love. Every time I attend the House of the Lord, my testimony
grows. Friday was no different!

Baptisms Coming!
Lucilia was interviewed to be baptized yesterday! After putting off
the baptism for a week to reteach her some things, she understood all
of the baptismal interview questions and passed her interview! After
we would teach her a lesson, we would write down what we taught her
and she would study it in preparation for the next lesson! It was
awesome. I wish all of our investigators would do that! So Lucilia
will be baptized this Saturday, January 16. Also, the French
missionaries serving in our ward will holding the baptism of Raphael's
wife, Jeanne, on the 16th as well! The work of the Lord is hastening
in multiple languages here in Arizona, and it's been a miracle to see

We continue to teach Rusty and Liz on a weekly basis as we wait for
Rusty's permission to clear Salt Lake City. We taught Lucilia a few
times this week in preparation for her baptism.
One lesson we had this week was nothing short of a miracle. On
Wednesday, Brother Barton, Elder Fernandez, and myself went by to see
Gary, a guy we have been teaching for a while now. We knocked on his
door, and his crazy ex-wife was there causing a scene. She was on
drugs or something like that and was having a breakdown. He was
politely trying to kick her out, but she just kept throwing a fit. He
was obviously embarrassed about what was happening, so we left. A few
days later, Elder Fernandez suggested that we just stop by. One of our
lessons fell through, so we biked over to his home. We knocked on his
door and he let us in. He told us that he honestly didn't think that
we would come back after what we saw the previous Wednesday. We told
him that it wasn't his fault and that it was okay. Gary had told us
that he was struggling with the concept of baptism, so we went over
there with the intent to teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ, which
involves baptism. I got the prompting that we should read 2 Nephi 31
about it. As we were reading, we could see Gary's eyes light up as he
was understanding what he had never been able to understand before.
His eyes were opened, and he told us he knows why baptism is
important. The converting power of the Book of Mormon is real!! We
invited him to be baptized and he said that he wants to be. What a
great end to a rainy night. I was grateful Elder Fernandez followed
the prompting to go visit him, and that I followed the prompting to
read with him.

Food Bank
Yesterday afternoon after we dropped Elder Fernandez off at the
mission office, we went and helped sort food at a food bank! It was a
ton of fun! And seeing the happy people receiving the food was the
best part.

This whole week was full of mid-50's. Three straight days of rain made
biking a cold nightmare, but luckily we have nice members willing to
drive us around sometimes. :)

That was the important parts of my week! I look forward to a second
chance to train another missionary. It amazes me every day how much I
can see the Lord working in my life and in the lives of others. Pray
for me and my new companion! I love you all and appreciate all of your

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Weekly Selfie

New bag!  He wore the last one out!

Phoenix Temple

Elder Bryan.....after the pepper made him sick.

Elder Bryan about to eat a ghost pepper...
.he threw up when we got home.

Elder Fernandez after he got off the phone w/ Pres. Griffin
telling him his visa came and he would be heading to Argentina
the next Monday.

Taking Elder Fernandez to the Mission Home

Last exchange w/ Brother Barton

All packed and ready to go!

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