Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Transfers, Thanksgiving, and Training--- week 68- 66 Weeks in Phoenix- 18 weeks in Glendale

Transfers, Thanksgiving, and Training---
 week 68- 66 Weeks in Phoenix- 18 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

The transfer news is here! Elder Thaut will be transferred. It is the
only change in our apartment so I guess that's good. I really will
miss Elder Thaut! He and I grew to be really good friends. He will
definitely be a friend for life.

This letter will not be in the normal format for a few reasons:
1. I lost my journal for most of the week so I don't have any of the
temperatures/specifics. (I found it though, so all is good!)
2. Transfers are tomorrow so we're rushing around
3. 4 people getting haircuts today somewhere without wifi
4. Sooo much to do today!

Anyway, here was my week!

Thanksgiving was super good. I actually got a lot of pictures! We
started off at the stake turkey bowl! We played flag football with
anyone who showed up from the stake. There was a good turnout!
Probably 40 people showed up. Then Javier and his family invited us
over for Thanksgiving lunch. He invited us and the four Spanish
elders. There was a full house! We had the traditional food and a lot
of joking and fun. He invited us back for dinner! He made us mole, an
Hispanic dish that is basically chicken with a spicy dark chocolate
sauce over it. It is different, but I loved it! Then we went back on
Friday for lunch to eat leftovers! So we were at Javier's a lot this

Zone-wide Exchange
So we had a zone-wide exchange to help increase zone unity. Normally
we do day-long exchanges with our district leader. This time, however,
the zone leaders arranged a day that everyone would be on an exchange
with different people in the zone. I went with Elder Gardner, my zone
leader. It was a great day! We got to teach a few lessons and find a
new investigator. I got to experience YSA! It was a pretty fun
experience. Plus they live with a member of the stake presidency, so
it was cool to be back in a member's home for the day. Afterward we
all met at the church to exchange back and we had a super solid
testimony meeting.

New investigators
We found four new investigators this week! A lady called the mission
office saying she wanted to join the Church. So we got the referral
and called her and set up a meeting. We met with her, and it turns out
her husband wants to be baptized too! So that was pretty cool! We
spent most of the time just visiting with them and getting to know
them, but they are super solid. She loves cats so Elder Thaut was in
heaven! Haha. After that lesson we dropped by our apartment to grab
something and we street contacted this couple walking through our
complex. Turns out they have been taught before and they wanted us to
bless their new house. So we went over there and talked with them for
a little while.

Taco Bell
We found out yesterday that Elder Thaut would be leaving, so he
challenged Elder Clough to the grande meal challenge from Taco Bell.
That consists of both of them each eating a whole grande meal. A
grande meal is 10 items (burritos or tacos.) they each did 2 burritos
and 8 soft tacos. They both finished the challenge but didn't feel too
well afterward...haha! Elder Thaut said he never wants to eat Taco
Bell again. This is monumental for him.

It was pretty dang cold last week. With highs only in the low 60's it
made for chilly biking weather. Phoenix has made me a wuss when it
comes to temperature. I have really come to love my sweaters and coat.
They are my best friends!!

I just received a call from President Griffin saying that I will be
training a new missionary in Glendale. Please pray for me as I embark
on this new journey. I'm pretty nervous as it's my first leadership

So that was my week in a nutshell; I probably missed some things. Next
week will be my 16-month mark. I appreciate all of your prayers on my
behalf. I love you all and pray for your safety and happiness. Shoot
me an email and I'll do my best to respond!

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Elder Jones
checking out ipad info

view of apartment

reunion w/ PuddinHead

best friends

 At Thanksgiving lunch with Javier Left to right: Elders Clough,
Jones, Bryan, Thaut, Cespedes, Rodriguez

 Munchkin party during thanksgiving

 We all gathered at our apt. After thanksgiving... Haha

Care package from Chris! Homemade tostadas,
 doughnuts, and soda!! Thanks! :)

Thanksgiving Picture- companionship: Jones and Thaut
Weekly selfie 

District picture. Standing: Elders Dwigans,
Cespedes, Thaut, 
 Sitting: Elders Ockey, Rodriguez, Jones, Bryan.

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