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Bye Bye, Rodrigo!---week 71, 69 weeks in Phoenix mission, 21 weeks in Glendale

Bye Bye, Rodrigo!---
week 71, 69 weeks in Phoenix mission, 21 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

We had such a great week!! The Christmas season is a great time to be
a missionary! It's also the most difficult time (for me) to be a
missionary. But great, nonetheless. Elder Rodriguez is being
transferred in the middle of the transfer up to Prescott. I've been
serving with him ever since I got to Peoria last February. Needless to
say I'm going to miss my Argentine brother!

My week was very very cold. Let's just say that being in Phoenix for a
long time has made me a wimp! The highs have been in the upper 50's
and lows in the mid 30's. I swear the weather is all that the people
here want to talk about. If we engage in a conversation with someone,
the subject of the weather will come up within two sentences of
starting the conversation—guaranteed. The cooler weather has brought
out my cooler wardrobe. Sweaters, coats, scarves, and gloves have been

Christmas decorating
Elder Fernandez and I went over to Christine's apartment this week to
put up the rest of her Christmas decorations. She is our convert who
is terminally ill. We set up her Christmas tree and decorated it with
her many ornaments. We went in to her room and told her it was done
and she wanted to see it. She got up out of her bed while screaming
because moving hurts so much for her. She wheeled out in her
wheelchair and cried because "it was so beautiful." The spirit of
service never fails to touch my heart when I visit Christine and serve
her. Whether it's setting up her Christmas lights, or just merely
reading the scriptures with her. Service is service, and the Lord

New investigator
We got a referral for a lady named Dianne. Apparently she had talked
to missionaries before in the past and followed up with another member
to ask us to come back. It was about 8:30, typically we stop knocking
on unknown doors around 8 or 8:15. The Spirit prompted us to visit
her, though. We set up a meeting for the next day. We visited her and
taught her the Restoration. She accepted everything and wants to be
baptized. We set a baptismal date for January 16. She came to church
and stayed the whole time! People fellowshipped her and made her feel
welcome. That's always a plus!

Christmas Conference
Our mission took a trip over to Mesa to visit the temple, visitors
center, and the Christmas lights! We got to the temple and went
through the visitors center. There were a lot of awesome new exhibits.
We had lunch on the temple grounds and went and did an endowment
session. The Spirit is so strong in the temple. President Griffin took
us to dinner to Old Country Buffet, and we went back for the Christmas
lights. I got lots of great pictures and had some quality time bonding
with my fellow missionaries.

 Christmas musical fireside
Our zone leaders organized a sweet Christmas musical fireside for the
stake. It featured different solos, a choir, and the spoken word. Each
missionary companionship introduced a performance. Elder Fernandez and
I introduced Elder Clark's vocal solo of, "O, Holy Night." It was
probably the most powerful event in the program. Elder Flynn also
played an incredible piano arrangement of "Joy to the World." Elder
Stott, one of our zone leaders, made home made pumpkin and pecan pies.
No complaints! :)

So that was my week! Trying a different letter format. I hope you all
have a merry Christmas!! Soooo last week I said to send mail to the
new mission office. Don't!! Apparently they aren't getting packages
there yet. Have a great week!!

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Missionaries at Mesa Temple

Transportation to Mesa Temple

Missionary Christmas Fireside

Elder Jones' Christmas Tree

Elder Jones at Mesa Temple

Elders Jones & Flynn at Mesa Temple

Lots of Elders!

On the Bus, Elders Jones and Fernandez

Elders Jones and Fernandez
in front of Mesa Temple

Elders Jones and Fernandez
at night in front of Mesa Temple

Christmas lights and Name Tag

Lunch on Temple grounds

visitor center

Elder's Christmas fireside
he finally sees Chris is there.

Outside the Temple w/group
Elder Jones is on left side 3 rows back @ 3 in

dinner at Old Country Buffet

dinner at Old Country Buffet 2

Old Country Buffet 3

Old Country Buffet 4 - everybody looks happy

President and Sister Griffin

Selfie at the Temple

visitor center

Selfie.... Cooking?

 Our zone after the Christmas musical fireside!

Bye bye, Rodrigo! #DontCryForMeArgentina

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