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Spaghetti & Tiwi -week 67-65 weeks in Phoenix -17 weeks in Glendale

Spaghetti & Tiwi -
week 67-65 weeks in Phoenix -17 weeks in Glendale 

Dear friends and family,

My week went pretty well. There were a couple funny and crazy things
that happened. We had spaghetti 4 nights in a row, all the mission
cars got a driving monitoring device called Tiwi, and I got hit by a
car (I'm okay, Mom...). Plus we got to teach a lot and yeah the normal
missionary stuff! Anyway, here was my week!

Monday: Brother Turley, the high councilor over missionary work, fed
our whole zone breakfast. They were super good breakfast burritos!
After pday we had a couple lessons and then biked in the cold, windy
Temp: 58°F

Tuesday: We went and volunteered a couple hours at the IRC! We helped
stock the shelves in the clothing distribution store. It was pretty
fun considering we're usually there on Thursday dealing with the rush
of people. So this time it was more calm. We then had a lesson with
Christine. Because she's in so much medication because of her medical
condition, she couldn't speak, so she wrote out all of her comments.
Recently she's been having to do that. We then had dinner with a
family who aren't members! It's kinda cool how we found them. We got a
referral from their son who is a member saying that he felt inspired
that he refer them to us. We met the mom, Theresa. She said that her
son was serving in Argentina and that she would feed us dinner. So we
set up the time and it was wonderful! Such a cool family. Not ready
for the gospel yet, but now she knows we're around. After dinner we
didn't have a ride (we got dropped off) so we waited for our member to
pick us up. He was running late so we sat outside for a while. It was
pretty cold! But we survived.
Temp: 61°F

Wednesday: Tiwi arrived! We had a big zone conference about the new
Tiwi devices and then just a normal meeting afterward. So basically
Tiwi is just a little black box that sits in the corner of the
windshield....and monitors your speed, seatbelt, and it monitors how
hard you brake and accelerate. It speaks to you, too! It says "check
your speed", "check your seatbelt", and "aggressive driving." I'm on a
bike so it doesn't affect me directly, but it's a pretty funny device!
If you make a speed or seatbelt violation, you have a few seconds to
correct it or else a notice is sent to the mission president and SLC.
Aggressive driving violations are automatically sent. Kinda crazy, but
I can see why they're necessary! So after the conference we went
finding and we met a referral that we received a while ago! She is
interested and we set up a return appointment!
Temp: 67°F

Thursday:  Weekly planning. And I got hit by a car. Haha! It's kinda
crazy how my bike is totally fine. So we were just biking south on
31st Ave headed to a lesson, and we come to a four way stop. We stop
first, and a car to the right of us stops. We start going, and I guess
the car didn't see us so she accelerates (fast, I may add...) and
slams in to the front of my bike. Somehow I ended up standing and my
bike fell over on the ground. I'm still not sure how that happened.
But the lady pulled over and was soooo scared that I was hurt. I was
fine and—somehow—so was my bike. We we just left. It made for a funny
story when we got to the Gomez home. They were kidding us because we
were a little late, so I told them what happened and they were mad at
the lady for me! I assured them it wasn't that bad. Haha!
Temp: 74°F

Friday: We went finding some and then had a lesson with Jamie. She is
doing great. Still the most intelligent eight-year-old I've ever met!
After dinner we went out with Juan to visit a couple people. We
visited Katie but she wasn't home. Then her neighbor invited us in
after we talked to him for a little while. Man, he's the definition of
crazy...yikes. Then we headed to Mike's house and taught him and
Cindy, his girlfriend. She is reading the Book of Mormon and is liking
it! I really hope she gets baptized. Unfortunately Elder Rodriguez had
to leave the apartment....they put two extra elders in the Spanish
ward, so they split Elder Clough and Rodriguez. Elder Clough is still
in the apartment and our new roommate is Elder Bryan from Kaysville,
UT! He's awesome. I still miss Rodrigo, though.
Temp: 77°F

Saturday: We went finding all through the afternoon. Not too much
luck, but we tried. Then after dinner we had a great meeting with
David, our recent convert we found at the mailbox. Then we met with
Javier and his wife, Ana, also recent converts. Javier just received
the Melchizedek Priesthood a few weeks ago! He has had bronchitis so
he's been down and out for a couple weeks. So we went by to see how
he's doing. Fortunately he's doing a lot better and isn't contagious.
They're having us for thanksgiving, so we finalized those plans.
They're having us for lunch and dinner. Oh yeah!!!
Temp: 82°F

Sunday: Church, ward council, and then we went to the stake cottage
meeting! Cindy and Mike were able to come so it was awesome. President
Cathcart in the stake presidency presented the lesson. He drew out the
whole history of the Church and apostasy from Adam all the way to our
time. He drew it all on the board and explained it all in 30 minutes.
Pretty impressive!

So that was my week. Mom, I bet you can't believe I ate spaghetti 4
times this week! You should be proud!!
I hope you all have a wonderful week doing whatever you do. Then
Church is true, as is my love for the Savior.

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

new apartment companionship


lunch line


multi zone conference


weekly selfie

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