Sunday, July 12, 2015

Independence & Mustangs 22nd P day in Peoria, 45th P day in Phoenix Mission

Independence & Mustangs  22nd P day in Peoria, 45th P day in Phoenix Mission

Hello, family and friends! Just a disclaimer: my iPad is absolutely
stupid today. Let me tell you my situation. We, as missionaries are
allowed to receive emails throughout the week, we just can't respond
until pday. All through the week I received emails from friends,
family, etc.. I even received an email at 9:55 this morning. As a
missionary, we can begin emailing & doing pday activities starting at
10:00. Well, now that it is way past 10, I still haven't received any
emails. Not because people aren't sending them, but because for some
weird reason I am not receiving any emails that people are sending. So
I apologize if I don't respond to your emails this week. My iPad hates
me and doesn't want me to communicate with anyone. Rant over. Here was
my week!!

Monday: Pday. We went to SkyZone which is one of those places with a
bunch of trampolines as the floor. It was pretty dang fun! Haha. Elder
Bunn, one of our zone leaders, landed on his neck and hurt himself. He
had to sit out for the rest of the time. He always gets hurt when we
play sports or do activities like this. We went to the Moore's for the
rest of pday and got haircuts and ate lunch. We talked with them for a
long time. They're a great family. Chris and her aunt & uncle took us
to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was great. Then had a short lesson
with Chris. We exchanged at the end of the day and I went with Elder
Weston to his area. There was a cool lightning storm so we slept with
the blinds open and watched the sky's light show until we fell asleep.
Utah people are so entertained by storms. It's funny.
Temp: 109°F

Tuesday: OLD PEOPLE. I was on an exchange with Elder Weston and we
spent the whole day in Sun City, which is a retirement community. You
have to be 55+ to live there. So, everyone we visited/taught was old.
(No one lives there at 55. They're all like 75+). We taught an
investigator named Dana who will be baptized this week! She's in her
70's. She's kinda weird but really solid. We then taught a blind
less-active member. Elder Weston took me to their church building.
It's super awesome. It used to be a bank and the library is the old
vault! The walls are super hard. We had dinner at a sketchy Chinese
buffet with a member. I'm surprised I didn't get sick. For real. Had a
lesson with a returning excommunicated member, and then another active
family. Elder Weston and I bonded pretty hardcore haha. Best exchange
Temp: 110°F (humid)

Wednesday: Had lunch with the some elders in our district and then
went to the thrift shop to volunteer. It was alright, as always haha.
I got a package and put a big dent in the candy. :) Had a lesson with
a lady and then went to dinner with the Hancock family. Set up a
service project to help them! We had a coordination meeting and then
Brother Wincek took us to visit Darin, a former investigator. I
haven't seen him since like April. He was there and is looking a lot
better than usual! He said he wants to start meeting with us again
which is cool. :)
Temp: 102°F

Thursday: Weekly planning. Chris took us to dinner because ours fell
through and then we had a lesson with her at the restaurant. It went
really well.
Temp: 106°F

Friday: BUSY DAY. We got up at 5:30am and got ready for a service
project at the Hancocks' at 6:30am. We spent about an hour helping them
clear some branches that had fallen in their pasture. The only catch
is that the branches had like 3-inch long thorns all over them.
Everything here in Arizona wants to kill you haha. We piled all of the
branches up and burned them. That was the fun part!! After that we
headed over to a new family's home to help them move in. Other members
came too. They are an AWESOME family. After we unloaded their truck
and everyone else left, we gave Brother Jenson (the dad of the new
family) a blessing. His back has been hurting for a while. We helped
them put their bed together and they took us for brunch at
Chick-fil-a! It was pretty good. Oh. And they took us in their
6-day-old 2015 V8, supercharged, 6-speed manual, 5.0L Mustang. It is a
monster. (Be jealous, Shurtleff.) We then showered and had a good
district meeting. Then studied. Had a great lesson with Britney in the
evening on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She's fantastic.
Temp: 108°F

Saturday: Independence Day! We went to the Oakwood Ward breakfast and
then studied. Chris took us to Which Wich for the holiday lunch! It
was pretty delicious. We wore our American flag ties too! I'm pretty
sure we got complimented on our ties like a million and one times
today. We had to be in by 6 so we played sports with other
missionaries at the stake center until our ward party at 8. We watched
fireworks and had root beer floats with members of the Centennial
Ward. It was a blast.
Temp: 104°F

Sunday: Church. After church we had dinner with a kinda weird family,
but it was good. We then had a lesson with Chris about the importance
of prayer and God's love. It was a great lesson. She gave us some
leftover ribs sooooo that's always a plus. :)
Temp: 107°F

That was my week. Again, sorry if I don't respond to your emails
today. I'll probably get them all the second I can't respond at 6pm.
That seems to be how it works. Love you all! Have a great week!!

Much love,

Elder Jones
Oakwood / Centennial Wards
Arizona Phoenix Mission

PS.  The high yesterday was only 100°F and it was soooo nice. No lie, I
ACTUALLY saw someone jogging in a hoodie before church when it was
90°F. People here are insane

Again- Thanks to Chris for sending me some great Pictures of Elders Jones and Bradshaw this week.



great smile

being ornery

Elder jones answered right and got a cookie?

weekly selfie

more biking

Elder Bradshaw's turn with PuddinHead

Happy 4th of July

Selfie on bike w/ Bradshaw photobomb!

Happy 4th of July

Hangin' w/ the Peoria "homies" Police Officers

Flag waving


Will he beat it?

Lesson in the park

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