Thursday, July 2, 2015

20th P day in Peoria, 43rd P day in Phoenix Mission- Free Pants!!

 20th P day in Peoria,  43rd P day in Phoenix Mission- Free Pants!!

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope it was a good week for all. I had a
pretty good week. It definitely flew by. Happy Father's Day to all the
dads out there, especially my dad. He is truly my hero and greatest
example. Words cannot explain the impact he has made on my life. Also,
be sure to thank your Heavenly Father for your life. I am thoroughly
convinced that we can never thank Him enough. It brings peace to my
soul every time I thank Him. Anyway, here was my week! Yes, it's still
hot; no, it's not getting any cooler any time soon. :)

Tuesday: Pday! Transfer day. Except we're both not much
changed for us. I basically just hung out with Elder Owens at the
church building while everyone played sports. I didn't feel much like
playing. We got laundry done, went shopping, yeah. That's about it.
Pretty boring pday! After our rest time was over, Chris took us to
dinner and we taught her a mini lesson there. After dinner we had a
great lesson with Brother Reese. We shared the importance of the Book
of Mormon and prayer. He really enjoyed the lesson and we all felt the
Spirit. We brought a recent convert with us and they really enjoyed
each other.
Temp: 111°F

Wednesday: We went on exchanges with the zone leaders. I went with
Elder Safford in his area. (They have a truck...score!!) We started
the exchange at the thrift store where we helped out for a little
while. While we were driving over to the store, Elder Safford had two
huge bags of clothes that he was going to donate. (He goes home in 5
weeks). Among those clothes included a sweet sidebag and two pairs of
black slacks! They're 31x31, but the waist is altered smaller. (I
normally wear 30x32) They're a tiny bit short, but it's not noticeable
at all. They're CTR clothing and "featherweight" which is perfect for
this climate. So hey, FREE PANTS! Free pants are the best types of
pants. Especially when they fit! After the thrift store Elder Safford
and I went to a YSA member's home to help mow his yard. He just had
surgery so he can't exactly move around very well. Plus, it was 3pm so
it was about 115°F. Yeah, it wasn't the smartest time to mow a lawn.
Oh well! He fed us some awesome burgers afterward. We then showered
and headed out. We visited a couple people, then knocked on a member's
door. They were about to hold a temple prep class, so we stayed and
commented. It was super fun. For our exchange wrap-up, Elder Safford
drove us to Waldo's Tacos, a taco truck owned by members in the
Spanish Ward. They give missionaries free food. It's authentic Mexican
tacos, soooo yes. It was delicious.
Temp: 117°F

Thursday: Weekly planning. It's a good thing we planned during the day
because it was hot as Hades. After planning and dinner, we had a great
lesson with Leah. We read out of the Book of Mormon and discussed her
baptismal plans. She wants to show her mom that the Church will help
her focus rather than hinder her focus. She plans to go to college for
a month or so and attend there. She will then come and be baptized in
September. It's so cool to see how much Leah's attitude has changed
toward baptism. It's 100% what she wants to do, but she doesn't want
to lose her mother's trust. If I'm not in the area when she gets
baptized I'm totally coming back for it.
Temp: 116°F

Friday: Typical Friday—we studied and had district meeting. It was
Elder Weston's first district meeting as the district leader. He did
really well. We were the only companionship in our district that
didn't change. Elder Goehring is with Élder Manzano from South Phoenix
(yeah, super close), and Elder Weston is with Elder McCullough from
Snowflake, AZ. (He's a 12 week missionary). After the meeting Elder
Weston stopped the car in front of our house, contemplated for a
second, and said, "yep, y'all are on bikes. You need this." He got out
of the car, went to the trunk, and pulled out a huge case of Gatorade
and gave it to us. Score!! A member gave them like 4 cases of it. We
then went out finding. Again, super hot, but fun! I have found that
while it is miserably hot, biking with a humorous attitude makes it a
whole lot more bearable. And hey, sometimes enjoyable! We had dinner
with the Lopez family and had a lesson with Chris.
Temp: 112°F

Saturday: A super fun day. Elders Weston and McCullough picked us up
at 8am and we went to help out with a kid's Eagle Scout project. He
held a car wash in the Walgreens parking lot! So we washed cars and
had a lot of fun doing it from 8-12! I got a bit sunburned but it's
okay. Worth it! We then went out to lunch and headed to a lesson that
fell through....we studied until dinner. After dinner we had a
wonderful lesson with Britney about the Plan of Salvation. Her faith
is unbelievable. I swear, we must leave more strengthened than she
does after each lesson. She's great.
Temp: 111°F

Sunday: Happy Father's Day!!! We had a great day at church! Leah came
and sat in on our gospel principles class now that she's done with
young women. We then gave a short missionary lesson to the young men!
That was a blast! We finished out church and had dinner with the
Skidmore family. We knocked on their door when we got there, and no
one answered. They were watching a movie and couldn't hear the bell or
knocks! So we called them and they let us in haha. After dinner we had
another great lesson with Chris. Brownies were included, which made
for a happy Elder Jones. I also got to hang out with my favorite dog,
Puddin' Head.

So that was my week! It was full of fun and excitement... Haha. I'd
love to hear from you all. Have a wonderful week.

Much love,

Elder Jones
Oakwood / Centennial Wards
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Biking around!  Taking a shade break.

Service project

Weekly selfie




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