Tuesday, October 7, 2014

RIP Chance.. 6th Pday in Phoenix

Elders Jones and Jeong

Elder Jones and Sister Simon
This week was pretty good! It was a day longer than normal... Haha.
Nothing truly phenomenal happened this week, but I'm still pushing
along, Elder Jeong and I are still great friends, and the Church is
still true. So, I guess one could say, life is good.

The temperature is cooling down—kinda. It's still around 95 degrees
every day; however, it's about 55-60 degrees in the morning which makes for a chilly run. Thank goodness for my hoodie! Anyways, yeah, it's still pretty hot here. I'm getting used to it though.
Surprisingly, I haven't gotten a sunburn yet. I am actually—no
kidding—getting a pretty good tan. I haven't gained any weight since
I've been in the field, but I have maintained the five pounds I gained
in the MTC. I drink so much water it's not even funny. Oh, and Sister
Simon's ancient dog, Chance, died last Tuesday. He was miserable. I
found him motionless in the laundry room. We were all pretty happy he
finally died! Sister Simon was going to bury him in one of my boxes
but she decided not to....hahaha

On a more spiritual side, I'm sure everyone knows what the best part
of this week was: General Conference. Hearing from prophets and
apostles while at home was awesome. Hearing prophets and apostles
speak as a missionary was ten times better. I felt like they were
speaking directly to me at times. I found it amazing that Elder Bednar
spoke directly to nonmembers. The words he used—I believe—can help so
many people come to the truth. I have always known that the Church is
true, but seeing it change peoples' lives out here on my mission is
amazing. I'm never going to forget this adventure. Oh, and it's
definitely going to affect how I study in college. I've never studied
this much for anything. Haha.

Unfortunately, the lesson with Dennis and Mary got cancelled. We are
going to stop by and try to reschedule sometime this week. They are
amazing people.

Well, that's about it. Conference made my week. Love you, Mom and Dad.
I miss you both dearly.

Much love,

Elder Jones

A side note he finally ordered his bike.  The one he picked didn't look good in the large size after they put it together, so he ordered a different one and got to pick the color, so he got RED!  It will be ready next Monday on his P Day.

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