Monday, October 20, 2014

Explosion at Midnight 8th P day in Phoenix

Elder Jones & Christ Statue at Phoenix Temple

Iron Phone (don't ask me I just put down what he says!)

At the temple with Anil

Elder Jones in front of Phoenix Temple

Elder Jones & Jeong with investigator Anil

Elder Jones and Elder Burgoyne

Greetings from where it's still 95 degrees every day! I am doing well.
It feels like I just had a P-Day yesterday. Sadly, no call from the
bike shop, so no new bike yet. Not much happened this week. Just a
couple things I'll mention!

We ate so much fish! Sister Simon bought a bunch of tilapia fillets
for us so we've been eating them a lot. Surprisingly, I'm becoming
extremely fond of fish. I'm not getting tired of it yet! Actually, I
just ate a breaded baked tilapia fillet...I love it. Fish, fish, fish!
We had the best fish tacos ever a couple days ago for dinner at a
member's home. I ate five tacos. They were surprised that I could eat
so much. I'm up to 126 pounds! I was 118 when I left home.

If you're wondering about the title of the email, Sister Simon's dog,Midnight, had a HUGE accident Friday night. When we woke up to run, we
opened our door and a wave of the most foul smell punctured our souls.
The pile was as big as the base of our trash can. We had an exchange
with the zone leaders (by the way, I killed it) but we ended up going
to study at their place because of the smell. It took all day to air
out the house. Yikes—it was a nightmare, that's for sure.

We took our Hindu investigator, Anil, to the temple Tuesday. He
loved it. We are taking an investigator family, the Senreisos, on thiscoming Tuesday. Their main interest in the Church is being sealed
together as a family. I think the sealing room will be very special
for them.

Sadly, Dennis and Mary had to cancel this week as Dennis was very
sick. We are meeting on Sunday night. Mary did say that she had been
reading the pamphlet and she's reading the Book of Mormon. That's
super exciting!

Well, that's about all that happened this week. I got the package!
Thanks for all of the candy and clothes! I love you both. Good to hear
about Webb. What is their national ranking now? Man, I miss going to
the games.

How's everything going there?

Much Love,

Elder Jones

A late email from Kevin!  an update on his bike!  I can't wait to see it.

I just called the bike shop and they said that it is in, but they are tuning it up a bit after they put it together. She said it should be ready tonight, but since we have a busy night and day Tuesday 
, we probably won't get it until Wednesday or Thursday. The person at the bike shop said, "Oooh, it's the red one, isn't it? Yeah, just so you know, that thing looks SWEET." She said the bike shop peeps have been looking at it a lot and they love it. 

I'm super excited to get it! :D

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