Monday, October 13, 2014

7th Pday in Phoenix

Elder Kirk and Elder Jones

Elder Jeong
Elder jones is excited it's P day!

Elder Jones with sunset

Study time!

*This was a pre email note we got this morning with personal stuff to do!  I'm excited to add that date to my countdown app!

"Can you believe today marks 2 months? OH and
I will be home August 10, 2016.  Not too far! 1/12 of the way
through! 8.3%! Hahaha."

This week has been really exciting. Well, mostly just
yesterday—Sunday. I'll get to that in a second. It's been cooling off, except for one random day when it was 100 degrees and humid. It's the middle of October; it shouldn't be 100 degrees!! On the bright (no pun intended) side, every morning when we run is from 55-60 degrees consistently. I even wear a hoodie. Crazy stuff. I forgot what cool weather feels like. Let it be known to the world that Elder Kevin L.
Jones has a tan. Crazy, I know. It shows even more against my white shirt. You all should be proud! I've onLy acquired three new ties. I even wore that orange paisley tie one day this week. I got a lot of
weird looks, but I am getting used to that because you know, I'm a missionary and such.

Sadly, my lovely red bike hasn't come in yet, but I'm waiting patiently. Sister Simon's bike is holding up. I may or may not have broken one of the pedals....shhhh....haha. I bought. My lock for my
bike but I still need a front headlight. I can't wait to get my new bike. I already have a name for her: Riven. All of my League friends will understand.

I eat a ton of cereal...Reese's Puffs, Oh's, Cocoa Puffs; you name it. A box a week! Elder Jeong makes fun of me because I eat so much cereal..he makes like an omelette, breakfast burrito, etc. every morning. It's crazy! Haha.

On a more spiritual note, this week was pretty bland up until yesterdaySunday, yesterday, we had our lesson with Dennis, my first street contact. Let me tell you, they get it. Mary, his girlfriend, read and FILLED OUT THE QUESTIONS on the Restoration pamphlet. Who does that? She does. Dennis read the pamphlet and they discussed the questions. Mary had a question about whether or not her baptisms were valid, and she totally understood when we explained the Priesthood. I invited them to be baptized, and when I asked if they would be baptized as they come to know these things are true, and they said, "I would in a heartbeat." We're gonna extend a date next lesson, which is next Sunday night. I love them. They're so special.

Missionary work is happening! We're taking one of our investigators, Anil, who is Hindu, to the Phoenix Temple open house Wednesday.He's psyched. We're excited for him too. Hurrah for Israel!

It feels nice not being the freshest—in terms of time on the mission—missionary in the mission. There were 24 new missionaries in this past transfer. Insane.

Let me know how things are going there! Love you!

Much love,

Elder Jones
cool sunset

Standing in front of Sister Simon's map of where all her missionaries are from

Elder Jones and Elder Buckway

Elder Jones on his way to General Conference

Elder Jones is getting a tan!

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