Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Chipotle Miracle!--Week 82- 80 week in Phoenix Mission- 32 weeks in Glendale

The Chipotle Miracle!
Week 82-  80 week in Phoenix Mission-  32 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

We had a pretty normal week! Sorry if this email is super lame. But
I'll do my best to make it great! Here goes.

The French Sisters had two baptisms on Saturday! Two more of the
Mwanamulenda family were baptized. So far the four of them have been
baptized and there are more to come. They are truly an amazing family.
The two who were baptized, Christine and Macinda, are 12 and 10. They
only speak Swahili!! As if there wasn't a big enough language barrier
with French! The ward is doing well with accommodating their needs,
though. Raphaël, the first to be baptized, was just called as the
French gospel principles teacher. I see a French branch coming really
soon. I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible miracle. The
gospel will be preached to everyone; the Lord's promise is being
fulfilled here in the Black Canyon Ward.

Chipotle Miracle
So I know this is a really lame thing to put in my email, but it was
pretty funny how it happened. Two days ago we got a coupon in the mail
for a free burrito from Chipotle. We were figuring out who would get
it since there are five of us in the apartment. Elder Plourde won the
coupon after we drew names out of a hat, so we headed out. We saw
another coupon on the ground, and two more on the top of the trash!!
So that left one person not having a coupon. Elder Young volunteered
to pay for his, so we were in line getting our burritos and a guy from
the back of the line comes up and says, "I'm paying for all five of
these guys." Just a tender mercy!! Such a nice guy.

I went to urgent care again this week because I have had the same
cough for about 3 months. When I told the doctor how long I had the
cough, she looks at me and says, "Don't you think that's a little
long??" I told her that the last urgent care said I was fine. She said
that was stupid and she put her stethoscope to my lungs and told me to
cough. She said, "OH YEAH, you're sick" and she prescribed me
antibiotics. I guess I had bronchitis after all! So I'm feeling a lot
better now. The cough has almost stopped. Woohoo!

Our investigators are all still doing well. Not much to report on
them. Mike and Cindy got new jobs paying double what they were making
before, which is great for them since they've been struggling a little
bit! He said the Lord is blessing them more than they can comprehend.
I hope Cindy will notice those blessings and become even more
interested in the Church.

The weather has cooled down a little bit. Every day has been the upper
70's and sunny. Yep, we're spoiled. Not for long, though!

So we get to move tomorrow! I'm so excited to get out of this
apartment! This new one is so much better. I can't wait.

Well, that was my week. We have a ton of meetings/trainings/other
stuff going on next week so it should be jam packed with cool stuff!!
Have a great week, everyone!

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Elder Jones and Elder Young at Culver's w/ Chris

waiting for meds

Dr. checking him out

Not sure what she is doing

waiting for meds

trying to look happy

Me and my best friend, Sammy. I love little dogs!!!
I'm the only 
missionary she will come up to.

Elders Bryan and Benolerão with their ukes!

Elder Jones and Elder Jones! They are in the same district!

Weekly selfie

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