Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Crazy Week!--week 83- 81 weeks in Phoenix Mission- 33 weeks in Glendale

Crazy Week!--
week 83-  81 weeks in Phoenix Mission-  33 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Yep, I'm 20 1/2 today. ;) It was such a
crazy, long week! But SO worth it! We didn't have the opportunity to
teach a lot this week because of all of the other stuff we had to do,
but we still taught some good lessons and got a lot done. Anyway, here

New Apartment
As I mentioned in my last letter, we moved apartments on Tuesday!! We
didn't want to draw out the process, so we bit the bullet and did the
whole move in Tuesday. We got to the new place just as the workers
were finishing the place up. (That's how newly renovated it is...) New
sinks, countertops, floors, bathtubs, toilets, appliances—everything.
It's truly a miracle! Haha. Things just feel better here. It's safer,
quieter, and smells better. Definitely a better place to feel the
Spirit. Plus, the young men's president is our (kind of) neighbor! Too
bad he lives too far away to use his wifi, though!!

Mission tour
The day after our move we had mission tour. Half of the mission
gathered together to hear from a member of the First Quorum of the
Seventy, Elder Arnold. Let me tell ya, he's the next Elder Holland. He
was very bold and told us how we need to be better. Although he was
bold, he was still very loving. He focused a lot on getting the
members involved in the work and asking for referrals from everyone!
Things we already knew, but needed to be told again.

We are still working with the same people, but we picked up a couple
potentials this week so we will be seeing them more next week. The
golden investigator we found a couple weeks ago, Michelle, is
completely MIA. She's never home, doesn't reply to texts or
calls—nothing. Hopefully she'll respond back soon. Rusty and Liz are
still doing great. We met with them on Friday and reviewed the
baptismal interview questions and they understand and believe all of
the doctrine contained in the questions. They just need to get married
and boom! They'll get baptized!!

Miracle Sunday!
We were kind of bummed because we didn't get to see a lot of our
investigators this week due to moving and meetings, so we weren't
expecting a very large turnout to sacrament meeting this week. Well,
were we wrong!!! While we were at choir practice Rusty and Liz walked
in super early, which is normal for them. Right before sacrament
meeting started, Mike came in with his fiancée Cindy, who we're
teaching. The Sesay family came and brought their friend, Tru, who
were also teaching. Then, right before the sacrament, Jamie and her
mom and dad walked in!! We've been trying to get them to church for
months! Jamie is 9 and is an investigator, and her parents are
less-active. Our only concern for them has been resolved! Plus a
couple other less-active members we've been working with showed up. It
was a great Sunday to be a missionary! Also, we heard that Sister
Casagrande, the French missionary from France, will be transferred to
the Phoenix North Stake to open a new French area. I know she will do
well there, but we will definitely miss her being in the ward! All the
members just love her.

On Saturday I went on exchanges with our roommates, Elders Plourde and
Benolerão. Elder Bryan went with Elder Young in our area. It was the
first time I've been in a tripanionship other than when Elder
Fernandez left me companionless for two days when he went to
Argentina. The exchange was a blast! We taught some people—well, they
taught some people; I watched—and we just had a great time. We have
some great missionaries serving in this zone. I'm fortunate to serve
around them!

Yep, it's been in the mid 70's all week. We couldn't have had more
beautiful weather for the move.

That was mostly what happened this week! I doubt many of you read this
far in the letter anyway haha. Love and miss you all! 5 more months
till I'm home!

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Our last night in the old apartment. ALL SLEEP IN THE LIVING ROOM!

A member's cat likes me.

Elder B thinks he's buff

Our balcony of our new place! Taken today.

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