Monday, October 5, 2015

Spiritual High week 60, 58 weeks in Phoenix Mission, 10 weeks in Glendale

Spiritual High  week 60,  58 weeks in Phoenix Mission,  10 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

Man, after this week I'm on a spiritual cloud nine! Last week was so
awesome. I was able to strengthen my testimony in multiple ways. By
the end of the week the temperature has gotten really nice. Yes, still
warmer than Missouri and most places, but nicer. :) We have a pretty
open day today so I'd love to hear from as many people as I can. So
email away!!
Here was my week:

Monday: Pretty dang good pday. We did the normal stuff then we went
bowling as a zone! So that was super fun! I'm awful at bowling but I
still love doing it. I think my high score was a 92 but I did get one
strike. Yeah, so I'm kinda a big deal....just kidding. After pday we
had a great lesson with Javier, a recent convert in the ward. He fed
us cake and we got to play with his new puppy, Dwight. That little guy
is so so so so cute!
Temp: 102°F

Tuesday: It was a really good day! And really hot! I've just about had
enough of you, summer! We went finding during the day but didn't find
too much luck. We talked to some people and tried visiting a lot of
potential investigators. We had two lessons in the afternoon which
went really well. Christine, the recent convert in our ward who has
terminal cancer, gave us some names to take to the temple! (We were
going this week) After dinner we went out with a member of the Elders
quorum. We taught another recent convert, Katie. She has been
struggling with everything except her faith recently, so we read out
of the Book of Mormon with her about overcoming trials. We read
Helaman 5. It was a very It was a very powerful lesson—there wasn't a
dry eye in the room. I truly felt like a representative of Jesus
Christ. Those moments drive me.
Temp: 103°F

Wednesday: So our downstairs neighbor has a leak right above our
bathroom, so a maintenance guy came in and found a leak in the pipes
behind our toilet. So he was working on it while we were studying and
then he disappeared. We figured he went to go get a tool or something.
Nope. He ripped our toilet out and left it in the middle of the
bathroom. Right in front of our sink. It was really confusing. We
didn't want to move it and mess anything up so we just left it there.

Thursday: GREAT DAY!! We went to the temple super early and we had a
great time. We went with out roommates. Christine gave us four names
to take to the temple so we each got to do one of her family names! It
was a really special experience to participate in their ordinances.
The temple is so wonderful. After dinner we went to visit David and we
discussed his baptism. He's all set for October 10th!!!
Temp: 102°F

Friday: It was a good day! Elder Thaut was pretty fed up with the
whole toilet situation so we called the apartment office. The lady in
the office was furious that that happened to us. She sounded like she
was on a mission to get it fixed asap so that was reassuring. Sure
enough, 20 minutes later a guy came and put our toilet back in.
Hallelujah. Then we had district meeting. I gave a training on how to
help our investigators overcome their concerns. It went pretty well. I
made a Titanic reference so that was pretty funny. We spent the
evening with Juan, a priest in the stake. He goes out with all the
missionaries in the stake because he's preparing for a mission. We
biked to our two lessons with him. They were both recent convert
lessons and they went really well. One was with Katie. Lessons with
her have been really powerful recently. It's cool to get Juan in there
and let him experience those powerful moments himself. I wish I would
have experienced some of those moments back home before my mission.
Temp: 95°F

Saturday: General Conference!! It was spectacular. If you didn't get
to see it, go watch it. It was inspiring. I am so grateful that we are
taught by modern day prophets and apostles. I'm also pretty impressed
with myself that I knew who the new apostles were! They weren't new
names to me! Then again, I wouldn't have known who they were before my
Temp: 92°F

Sunday: General Conference again! Woo! David was able to go to Brother
Barton's home to watch Conference with his family. David said it was
just what he needed. We promised him that if he listened to it with
real intent, there would be personal revelation just for him. And he
said that President Eyring's message in the Sunday Morning session was
what he needed to hear. He was moved as President Eyring spoke about
the Holy Ghost. After Conference and dinner we went out and made some
visits with Brother Barton. It was a great night.
Temp: 88°F

Wow! What a week full of revelation. With a temple trip and General
Conference happening all in one week, it was truly a spiritual high
for me. Keep up the good work and I thank you all so much for your
prayers and support. I love you all. Have a great week!!

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

 All of Elder Flynn's companions who are still in the field! And
we're all in the same zone! (Bowling) Elders Thaut, Jones, Flynn,

At the temple! Elders Jones, Thaut,
Clough, Rodriguez (morning)

Afternoon at the temple.

Me and Elder Thaut!

At church watching Conference!

Weekly Selfie!

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