Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Service. Meetings. Service. 63 Weeks on mission, 61 weeks in Phoeniz AZ Mission,13 weeks in Glendale

Service. Meetings. Service.         63 Weeks on mission,               61 weeks in Phoenix AZ Mission,13 weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

This week went by super fast. It was a shorter week, yes, but it feels
like just yesterday was pday! I guess that's a good thing! That
referral that my friend Elder Kaleb Claypool gave us from Las Vegas is
the definition of a golden investigator. I'll talk about it later in
my letter. Plus we did a ton of service...anyway, here was my week!!

Tuesday: Pday! We just hung out at home and emailed, napped, and
played chess. It was transfer week so we didn't do any activities.
After pday we had about 30 minutes until we had to meet some members
at the church for splits. So we decided to visit a recent convert and
a potential investigator who live in the same complex. So we set off.
We started with the potential investigator. We knocked and no one
answered. Knocked again, no answer. We turn around to go down the
stairs and a guy walks up. We talk to him for a second.

"Hey, who are you guys looking for?"

We tell him.

"Oh, they're not home right now."

"Oh, okay. Well, would you mind if we shared a video with you real quick?"

He accepted, and we shared "Because of Him" on his doorstep. He felt
the Spirit, and accepted a return appointment.

We realized we had just enough time to get to the church for splits.
We were feeling good! As we were biking down Butler, a lady who
appeared to be in her 20's waves and exclaims, "HI!!" So we stop and
talk with her too. She wanted to know what we do. We told her, and she
was very intrigued. She then told us that she has been looking for a
church since she's new to the area. She was very excited to see us and
she told us that we were an answer to her prayers! We shared our
testimony with her and got a return appointment.
There, in 15 minutes, two contacts turned in to two new investigators.
Talking to everyone works!! Unfortunately, both appointments fell
through, but one the lady (Chavon) still wants to meet with us next
Temp: 77°F

Wednesday: We started the day with service at a senior center. We
handed out food to people who needed it. It was super fun! There was
some leftover bread so we took some cinnamon raisin bread. I
looooooove that stuff. :) After service and studies and some finding,
we met with Elaine, the referral from Las Vegas. She told us her
story, and we shared a short message with her. We really just took
some time to get to know her. After that lesson we went out with
Brother Barton and visited some people. I wore a sweater!!!!
Temp: 72°F

Thursday: Today was super intense....haha. So a few days before we got
a call from some senior missionaries who are in charge of housing.
They told us that they were just coming to check for any repairs that
we may need. So we didn't clean up much for the visit. Long story
short.....they came to check for cleanliness. They told us they'd be
nice and come back in two hours. We had to deep clean the apartment.
So we changed and ripped the place apart and cleaned everything. When
they came back, they were taking pictures of how clean the place was.
They couldn't believe it. So they gave us coupons to restaurants. It
was pretty cool! I'm glad someone forced us to clean the place. I bet
this place hasn't been deep cleaned in a long time. We then celebrated
our accomplishment and went to Taco Bell for lunch. After lunch we
went to visit Cesar and a couple other people. Then dinner.....I was
still full from lunch. After dinner we had a great lesson with Elaine,
the lady from Vegas. She and her son, Aaron, came and we watched
Finding Faith in Christ. She loved the video and she said it helped
her a lot. We invited her to pray for peace and be baptized on
November 7. She accepted. We ended up moving it to November 14 because
of a stake broadcast on Nov 8. The Spirit was sooo strong in the
Lesson learned today: Don't put off cleaning!!
Temp: 77

Friday: I had a doctors appointment in Peoria! It went well. Then,
while in Peoria, WE WENT TO FREDDY'S. AHHH IT WAS SO GOOD. I hadn't
had Freddy's since I was home. We planned then had district meeting.
We watched the Restoration video with David, our recent convert. He
loved the video.
Temp: 81

Saturday: SUPER long day. We got up at 4:45 and headed to Avondale for
a Valley-wide service project. All of the Valley missionaries
participated in a painting project. Except the Glendale zone picked up
trash all over the city of Avondale. It was kinda lame that we didn't
get to paint, but we had fun!! We then came home and crashed. I
haven't been that tired in a long time. Then we went to meetings for
stake conference. President Griffin spoke about helping the
missionaries. He said,
"Quit feeding them so much. They're getting fat." That kinda shows
President's sense of humor. It was a great night, but I was so happy
to get home and sleep!!!
Temp: 86

Sunday: Stake conference. Had another lesson with Elaine. She's the best.
Temp: 87

That was my week! Sorry the letter is a little late today. We went
mini golfing as a zone. I am so bad at it. I hope you all have a great
week! and CLEAN YOUR ROOMS! :)

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Weekly Selfie

Freddy's!  one of Elder Jones' favorites back home

Elders Jones and Rodriguez

Trash cleanup


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