Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm So Happy 10th P day in Peoria, 33rd P day in Phoenix

I'm So Happy   10th P day in Peoria, 33rd P day in Phoenix

Dear family and friends,

Hello! Greetings from Arizona. We had a pretty great week, like usual.
"Relatively cool temperatures. Can't complain, really." But yeah, we
had a mild week! We even had some service opportunities! And we have a
baptism coming up! I'll stop rambling. Here was my week:

Monday: P-Day. We went to a recent convert family's home for dinner.
They're great. We had some bomb pulled pork sandwiches! They make this
homemade barbecue sauce that is DELICIOUS. they never disappoint. Oh,
and their daughter is in Girl Scouts so they have a ton of cookies
left over. They gave Elder Flynn and me two boxes. Each. :) We then
had a lesson with Chris. We showed her Elder Holland's talk from this
past Conference. She really enjoyed it.
Temp: 84°F

Tuesday: After studies and lunch we went out finding. When I say
"finding," that means going out and biking around, visiting potential
investigators, investigators, less-active members, etc.. In case y'all
were confused on what that meant. Haha. We didn't have much luck
during the day. We then dropped some pants off at a member's home to
fix for us. She offered to fix any of our pants! One pair of my suit
pants needs fixed, but Elder Flynn had two pairs that needed fixed. We
then went to dinner at the Hunsakers'! We had some really good
chicken. Brother Hunsaker is a hoot; he taught seminary for 12 years
so he always tells us to ask him a "deep doctrine question." He loves
studying and talking about that stuff. Typical seminary teacher. ;)
After dinner we had a GREAT lesson with Britney. She is very excited
to be baptized on April 25th. She has had some great experiences with
Conference, prayer, and the Book of Mormon. She just keeps saying,
"I'm just so happy!!"
Temp: 82°F

Wednesday: After studies we went with our zone leaders and another
pair of Elders to volunteer at a thrift store in Sun City. For those
of you who don't know, you have to be 55 or older to live in Sun City.
So, needless to say, there are tons of old people. Haha. The average
age is like 80. Their wards don't even have an organized primary or
Elders quorum. Just High Priests and Relief Society hahaha. Anyway, we
priced things and moved items out to the floor. It was a blast. We
asked one of the guys who works there how high we should price the
items. He said, "Psh, I don't care. Use your best judgement." Hahaha.
We are going back this week to help again! I started to get a migraine
while there, but of course I didn't have my medicine. So I took some
when I got home and slept off the migraine. Chris brought us
Chick-fil-a because we didn't have a dinner. Chris told us that if we
don't have a dinner, we have to call her. Haha, she takes care of us!
:) After dinner we went out with Brother Wincek to visit a LA family.
They taked. And talked. And talked. And TALKED. We finally got out of
there and went home. Haha!
Temp: 78°F

Thursday: Weekly planning. We had a really good planning session. We
were able to come up with more ways to make our splits with members
more effective. A member brought us dinner because his kids were sick.
We went out with Brother Hunsaker for splits and he told us all about
how he combated Anti-Mormons and their 'material.' It was a hoot.
That's about all that happened.
Temp: 81°F

Friday: We had zone meeting! It's basically like district meeting, but
with three districts and it's led by the zone leaders. Basically
instructions on how to be better missionaries. They gave us ties they
didn't want. I got a sweet orange tie. Oh yeah! After zone meeting, a
member brought us dinner because her kids were sick, too. Guess what
they brought us? Chick-fil-a. No complaints. We then went and taught a
less-active Sister. It was a great lesson.
Temp: 84°F

Saturday: We did more service! We went with Brother Alger over to his
friend's home to help him get rid of old medical records. He is a
podiatrist, so he has tons (like 20 boxes) of medical records that
needed to be taken out of their folders and shredded. Us and about 10
young women helped out. It took us about two hours to finish the
project. We filled three of those road-side trash cans completely to
the top. Plus, it was pretty cool to see some of the X-rays. I've
noticed there are tons of podiatrists here. I guess Arizonans have bad
feet! We went to the Lloyd's for dinner after studying for a bit. We
had food from Boston Market. It was great! After dinner we taught
Britney again. We finished up the commandments. She is SO ready to be
baptized. She can't wait and I can't wait! Her interview is Friday.
Again, she kept saying, "I'm just so happy!!" And smiling ear to ear.
It's inspiring, really. :)
Temp: 85°F

Sunday: We had a great day at church. It was busy! Pedro got the
priesthood!! To give you an idea of church, here was my 6 hours:
-Greet people for Oakwood sacrament meeting
-Rush to Centennial ward council
-Come back to finish Oakwood sacrament meeting
-1/2 Oakwood gospel principles
-Greet people for Centennial sacrament meeting
-Rush to teach a brief lesson in Oakwood Relief Society
-Finish Centennial sacrament meeting
-1/2 Centennial gospel principles
-Rush to stand in on Pedro's priesthood ordination
-Get the sacrament in the YSA meeting because we missed it
-Centennial Elders quorum

Yeah, it was a crammed day at church! Haha. Britney came to church
again and invited everyone to come to her baptism. She just kept
telling the people, "I'm just so happy!!" Oh, and she called us, the
missionaries, her 'Angels.' It's pretty funny! We were also excited
that Pedro got ordained to the office of a Priest! He's the best!! We
had a lesson with him after dinner which was great.
Temp: 84°F

What a crazy week! Britney will be baptized here in a couple weeks! I
appreciate all of the love and support that you all give to me. I want
to apologize to my friend, Jon Tracy, for misspelling his name in my
last email. I'm glad he pointed it out. ;) Have a great week,
everyone! Stay righteous.

Much love,

Elder Jones
Oakwood / Centennial Wards

I members pool in his backyard!  I want this backyard!!!

Roman Soldier stabbing Elder Jones at the Easter Pageant

Elder Jones and Elder Flynn chillin'

On the road again!

Not sure about that face?


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