Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baptisms and $70 Doughnuts : 12th P Day in Peoria-- 35th P Day in Phoenix Mission

Britney Lieze-Gahona baptism
Baptisms and $70 Doughnuts  :  12th P Day in Peoria-- 35th P Day in Phoenix Mission

Hello, family and friends! I hardly have any time to write this email,
so I apologize if it's really short. A couple of great things happened
this week. Here goes!

Wednesday: We went to the thrift shop again to help out. This time we
sorted through incoming donations and put them in their respective
places. It was super fun! After that we had dinner with Chris's uncle
and aunt. They aren't members, but they respect us as missionaries.
They took is to Texas Roadhouse! I got a really good sirloin steak! I
now know that I love my steak cooked medium. It was perfect! :)

Thursday: It was a great day! We had a big zone conference with three
zones from the mission. We got to hear from the mission presidency and
feel of their Spirit. They fed us delicious tacos from Waldo's Tacos.
It's a taco truck run by members. They fed our whole three zones!
Members then took us to a pretty nasty Chinese restaurant, but it's
okay! The members are awesome and I don't think they liked it either,
haha. We then went out finding. We got a reassignment from other
Elders. His name is Dion. We knocked on his door and he said, "WHO IS
IT?" We told him it was the missionaries, and he said, "What in the
H-E-Double hockey sticks?!? OH, MEN OF GOD, GET IN HERE." We went in,
and he had some questions. Long story short, he accepted our message
and invited us back. He's a pretty cool black guy. Lots of potential

Friday: We went to a youth fundraiser with a member. Britney was
there, so it was great to see her the day before her baptism! So after
the dinner, they had a dessert auction. Pies were going for like $70
to $100! So we couldn't afford anything, so a member INSISTED that she
buy us a dessert. So she bought us two dozen doughnuts. For $70.
Yikes. Haha! They are good, though! :) Oh, something funny was that we
met this lady there who was raised in Oronogo. She was so excited that
I knew where that is!!! So that was pretty cool.

Saturday: BAPTISM!! Britney was baptized at 11:30! She was so excited
to be baptized. She was confirmed Sunday. She is a new person. :)

We had a great week! I love and miss you all.

Much love,

Elder Jones
Oakwood / Centennial Wards

Elder Jones and Elder Flynn

Newest member: Britney Lieze-Gahona with Elder Jones and Elder Flynn

companions- Elders Jones and Flynn

Multi zone conference

Multi Zone conference

4 zones conference

Elder Jones  and the 2 Peoria Zones...   check out the
The big guy, Elder Langi on the endLeft to right:
Elders Ashby, Owens, Ingham, Johnston, Canny, Davis, Safford (back),
Flynn, Rodriguez, Weston, James (back), Earl, Jones, Timm (back),
Langdon, Frost, Zaugg, Langi.

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