Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Love Cheesecake! 8th P Day in Peoria- 31st P day in Phoenix

8th P Day in Peoria- 31st P day in Phoenix
I Love Cheesecake!

Hello, family and friends! Greetings from Arizona. I can hardly
believe it's already my second week of my second transfer here in
Peoria. Things are going well here. With Conference approaching, us
missionaries are beginning to get excited. Here was my week:

Tuesday: P-Day! Found out that both Elder Flynn and I will be in
Peoria for at least one more transfer. We couldn't be happier! We got
haircuts and after that we went to subway for lunch. We were sitting
by the window and Pedro walked past and got super excited when he was
us through the window. He ran inside and said hello. Man, he's so
awesome. He's still extremely excited to have been baptized. He should
be!!! :) So after P-day we went to dinner at a member's. They fed us
tacos! After dinner we went to a lesson with a less-active sister. She
was very nice.
Temp: 86°F

Wednesday: We went finding after studies for a while and then came
back to read from the online training booklet. Brother Alger talked to
us for a while which took up a pretty big chunk of time...haha. We
went and visited a couple other people before dinner. A member brought
us KFC so that hit the spot. Elder Flynn isn't a big fan of the
greasiness, but I'm okay with it!! Plus there was cole slaw
so.....yeah. I was well fed. We forgot our apartment keys so we had to
eat outside while we waited for Brother Alger to get home. After our
coordination meeting we went out with Brother Wincek and visited a
couple other investigators. Pretty slow day!
Temp: 87°F

Thursday: Weekly planning. We ended up going to the church to plan
because it was too hot to plan outside and it was pretty stuffy in our
apartment. We went to the relief society room and cranked up the A/C!
Our dinner appointment called and cancelled like 45 minutes before
5:00 so we ended up eating at home. After dinner we had a lesson with
Leah at the Pottle's home. It went really well. She's so ready to be
baptized. It's in the Lord's  time, I guess. Oh, one of the Pottle
boys, Zeke, drew me while we were teaching. Haha. He's like 10 so it
was funny to see. I'll send the picture home in my next letter. :p
Temp: 91°F

Friday: After studies we had district meeting. It was pretty good like
always. After the meeting we studied from our online book for the
remainder of time until dinner. The Pottle's picked us up around 4:45
and took us to THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. It was probably the best meal
I've ever had. I got a really good burger and after we ate, they
insisted that we get cheesecake. I got the "Oreo dream extreme"
cheesecake. Yeah....it was the best dessert I've ever had. It took two
days to eat the whole piece. Haha. After dinner we attempted to bike
on our full stomachs. We visited some people after our lesson
Temp: 92°F

Saturday: Very long day. I feel like we worked super hard haha. Maybe
it's because we didn't had any teaching appointments and it was the
hottest day since like October. Who knows? Haha. Chris took us to
Culver's for lunch and so we got to talk to her about some of her
concerns. After lunch we went finding until dinner. That was really
sweaty. Haha. We didn't have a dinner appointment. They cancelled a
couple hours before, too. I got a new bike helmet and water bottle. My
old ones were both falling apart. Yeah, the heat is coming...
Temp: 95°F

Sunday: We had a great fast Sunday. Leah made it to church for
Oakwood. It's great to see her come to church every week! Alberto and
Britney both came to church for Centennial! Having Britney come was a
huge, pleasant surprise. She loved it. She even stayed for the second
hour, too. So yeah, church was great. We had  dinner with the member
who the zone leaders live with, so they joined us for dinner too. We
had steak! And red velvet cake! After dinner we had a lesson with
Britney. She wants to meet twice a week so she can get baptized
sooner. She is determined! It's inspiring to see her determination!
She is progressing really well.
Temp: 94°F

That was my week! I hope you all had a wonderful week as well. I
appreciate all of the prayers on my behalf; I can feel them. Have a
blessed week.

Much love,

Elder Jones
Oakwood / Centennial Wards

Elder Jones drawing

Treat from KFC picinic
trying to navigate and a cool sunset
Elder Jones says, "Donkey, See I told you I serve in the country!".

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