Sunday, March 22, 2015

Find. Teach. Baptize! 6th P-day in Peoria- 29th P-day in Phoenix Mission

Hello, family and friends. Elder Flynn and I had a great week serving
the Lord. It was a very busy week with lots of lessons. Next week is
transfers, so my P-Day will be on Tuesday. Pretty confident that I'm
staying....haha. Here was my week:

Monday: It was a pretty typical P-Day. Not too exciting. After our
time off, we went and taught Megan the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the
Word of Wisdom. She accepted the message well! Sadly, she did say that
she's interested in YSA ward now due to some relationship shifts (if
you get what I'm saying). She said she just wants to try it out soooo
she will. Who knows, maybe she'll find a YSA guy and get baptized next
week! Hahaha, that's a long shot. She really likes Oakwood ward so
maybe she'll want to stay. It's wherever she's comfortable. That's all
that matters!
Temp: 82°F

Tuesday: After studies we went outside for some fresh air and cleaned
out the Area Book. If I haven't told you all yet, we have to go
through all of the people in our area book and take out information if
there's too much. Privacy laws are making their way to missionaries!
Haha. So while we were cleaning out our Area Book, this huge bee kept
hovering around us so we went inside. We went finding for a little bit
but didn't have much luck. We had dinner at home and made some good
orange chicken that a member gave us.  After dinner we had a lesson
with Leah. We taught her some of the commandments. It was probably the
most solid lesson we've had with her. She said she's coming closer to
wanting to be baptized. She said that she knows that there's truth in
the Church and that she's praying about baptism. She's almost there!
Temp: 88°F

Wednesday: It was a pretty tiring day. We had a lesson with Pedro at
1pm and we went through the baptismal interview questions. We're
hoping he can get baptized soon! After the lesson we helped the
Winceks--the ward mission leader and his family--decorate for a party
for the youth that night. They went all out and it looked really good.
Our lesson cancelled but we ended up going to see Darin, one of our
other investigators. He isn't progressing, but we stop by to see him
every once in a while. We had a good meeting with him.
Temp: 86°F

Thursday: Weekly planning. We tried to plan outside, but it got pretty
hot quickly. It wasn't really that hot, but it was a cloudy day with
rain in the area. It was humid! It reminded me of home. We had dinner
with Chris. She made us barbecue! It was delicious. Then we shared a
message with her about prayer and she wants us to re teach the
lessons. She said maybe that'll help her get back on track. After
dinner we met with Megan again at the Smith's home. We taught her some
more of the commandments and she committed to live them. Megan is
awesome but her parents want her to wait six months before she is
baptized. She's 20, but wants to respect her parents' wishes since she
lives with them. She'll get there!
Temp: 86°F (humid)

Friday: We had district meeting and I led a discussion on "The role of
the Spirit in an investigator's conversion." I think it went well. The
district participated a ton which is always nice. After the meeting,
Pedro had his baptismal interview. Hopefully now we can get him
baptized soon! The Winceks took us to a Mexican restaurant for dinner
as a repayment for helping them decorate, haha. We went to Mixteca. It
was alright. The fish taco I had was spectacular, but the shredded
beef one was just alright. It's okay though, I was super full after we
left. :) We went and saw Britney but she wasn't feeling very well. We
gave her a blessing and rescheduled for this coming week. She's been
sick lately. :(
Temp: 88°F

Saturday: BAPTISM!!! We got to go see Eliza, the 10-year-old girl I
taught in my last area, get baptized!! She had been taught for a year
and a half by like 6 missionaries. She was so excited to get baptized
and it was a testimony builder to see her smile as she came out of the
water. Elder Shurtleff baptized her and he completely forgot to bring
another white shirt so he had to wear the wet one under his suit coat
hahaha. Smooth! I'll attach a picture of us together. It was great to
see the Elders and Eliza's family again. Sister Simon was there too so
that was also awesome! We went to dinner at a recent convert family's
home. We had some great barbecue chicken. They're a huge Girl Scout
family, so they gave us two boxes each of cookies. Yesssss. Pretty
great day haha.
Temp: 88°F

Sunday: Lots of stuff happened that I really don't want to remember.
Haha. After church we taught Alberto and he brought his little
brother, Mark! Alberto is 17 and Mark is 13. Another new investigator.
They keep getting younger and younger hahaha. We taught them half of
the restoration but it was cut short so we're meeting with them twice
this week!!

We had a great week! Probably the best week I've had since I've been
on my mission. Our key indicators were great and I'm having a ton of
fun here in Peoria. The members are great and so are our
investigators. I'd love to hear from you all. Have a great week! Love

Much love,

Elder Jones
Oakwood / Centennial Wards

Orange Chicken and Rice


cool sky, but I see Elder Flynn up ahead

Elder Fylnn

Eliza's baptism, with Elder Shurtleff

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