Monday, April 4, 2016

Freetown -- 86 Weeks, Week 84 in Phoenix Mission, 36 Weeks in Glendale

Freetown -- 
86 Weeks, Week 84 in Phoenix Mission, 36 Weeks in Glendale

Dear friends and family,

I had another great week here in the APM. General Conference was
wonderful. If you didn't get a chance to watch, give it a look. You
won't regret it. We were able to teach quite a bit this week and have
some super fun experiences.

This morning we received the reward for accomplishing our zone-wide
contacting goal for the month of March. The reward was getting to
watch a movie with President Griffin as a zone. He came with movies
and we chose to watch "Freetown," which is about 6 Liberian
missionaries who had to escape Liberia due to rebel groups. It was
awesome hearing of how the Lord protects His missionaries. Those
Elders escaped with their lives multiple times. It was a super intense
movie. President bought us doughnuts so we ate as we watched.
Definitely a super fun morning spent together.

General Conference
Of course, General Conference was wonderful from beginning to end. We
spent 10 hours total listening to living prophets, seers, and
revelators deliver us the word of God. General Conference as a
missionary is even more special. Even though some speakers speak on
finding a wife, getting married, and dating, each speaker delivers a
special spirit to missionaries. I'm so grateful for living prophets in
this day to instruct us. God has not shut the door. God has not
forgotten His children. He does not love His children in the past more
than he does now. He is literally "the same yesterday, today, and

"Thank you, missionaries!"
We had a very tender, special moment when Elder Young and I went and
taught Jamie, our 9 year-old investigator. We rode up and locked our
bikes like we always do, and knocked on their door. Jamie opened up
and asked if we saw the picture she drew in chalk on the driveway. We
didn't pay much attention to us, so she took us out front to show us.
She had spent 2 hours drawing us a picture that depicted the 3
kingdoms of glory (we taught the plan of salvation the week before and
drew pictures) and above it said, written in big, blue letters: "Thank
you, Missionaries!" It was impossible to wipe the smiles off our
faces! It was so precious! She said, "Wednesday's are usually the
worst days for me at school, so I always look forward to the
missionaries coming over and teaching me a happy message." She is Sooo
cool. I'll send a picture of her chalk drawing.

I just told you about Jamie. Needless to say she is doing great! We
are now teaching a guy named Rob. He is the husband of a member of the
ward. She isn't active, but they want to be married in the temple and
are willing to do anything to do so. They really enjoyed conference!
We are going to invite Rob to be baptized on a specific date tonight.

Go away summer....this week it is supposed to be in the mid 90's. We
haven't seen rain since January. Ha.

Well, that was my week! Sorry my letter was kinda short. Just a lot of
Conference! I hope everyone who watched came away with their
testimonies strengthened. I know I did. Thank you all for the prayers
on my behalf. Just 4 more months to go and I'll be back on good old
MO. I'll know transfer news by next pday which will be next Tuesday.

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Elders reading menu at Culver's

Apartmentship being fed by their favorite member Chris!

Drink line

Elder Jones

Elder Jones

Elder Young

Elder  Benolerão,

Elder  Plourde and Elder Bryan

Elders Benolerão,, Young, Jones, Plourde, Bryan

Zone: After watching "Freetown" this morning!
Left to right: Elders Gardner, Bryan, Diamante, Buckway, Benolerão,
Dawson, Davenport, Katz, Jones, Plourde, Conover, Jones, Cespedes,
Young, Bradley.

Jamie and her picture!


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