Wednesday, September 9, 2015

CLEVER TITLE! 56 Week on Mission, 54 weeks serving in the Arizona, Phoenix mission, 6 weeks in Glendale

CLEVER TITLE!  56 Week on Mission, 54 weeks serving in the Arizona, Phoenix mission, 6 weeks in Glendale.

Dear friends and family,

Wow, pday finally came. It's transfer week! But they still haven't
sent out transfer news.......kinda lame. I'll keep y'all posted. Here
was my week!

Monday: Typical pday routine. After that we had a zone activity to
celebrate Elder Hunsaker's last pday. We went bowling and I'm pretty
sure everybody doubled my score the first game. Then I bowled a 100
the second game. Oh yeah! I actually beat a couple other missionaries!
Haha. I was pretty proud. After pday we went to FHE at the Gomez home.
Then we had cake! A pretty bad storm kept us there for a long time.
Finally we braved the storm and biked the 3 miles home. We were wet
and dirty but we made it!
Temp: 103°F

Tuesday: Pretty cool day. We visited a potential investigator named
Alice. She's an older lady. We knocked on her door and she let us in.
We shared a quick message with her and she invited us back. She is
open to hearing more! That night we went out with a member of the
elders quorum and visited Katie, a recent convert. We taught her about
the importance of coming to church, reading scriptures, and praying.
We related it to CPR (church, praying, reading) and how it can revive
us when we have "spiritually died." Then he took us to Dairy Queen. It
was a great night!
Temp: 101°F

Wednesday: We did a pretty cool service project in the afternoon. We
helped out with the International Rescue Committee (IRC)! We worked in
the "shop." Refugees from foreign countries would come in and we would
help them find the things they need like clothes, dishes, toys,
toiletries, etc.. Some people were from Romania, Ghana, Liberia,
Czechoslovakia, and other countries. Hardly any of them spoke English
so that was frustrating at times but it was still fun. We had splits
after our coordination meeting. I went out with our assistant ward
mission leader, Brother Barton. We made puns all night. It was
Temp: 98°F

Thursday: Weekly planning! After planning we did an exchange with out
apartmentmates. I stayed in our area and Elder Clough was my companion
for the day. He is awesome! At dinner we helped Brother Taylor unclog
his drain. We did not prevail. The drain won the long battle. It was
fun to help him, though. Later that night we taught David, our most
solid investigator. We taught him the Word of Wisdom. We thought it
might be a problem for him, but he said that he's already living it.
He's still going strong for the 26th! It was like 79°F that night
which was amaaaazing. I can't wait for Fall and Winter!
Temp: 96°F

Friday: We had such a great zone meeting. I felt the Spirit so
strongly. I usually don't feel the Spirit a TON during zone or
district meetings, but I did this time. I got a lot of revelation on
what I can do better and how I can be a better missionary. Elder Thaut
bore his testimony on the sacrament and we sang "I Stand All Amazed"
as the closing hymn. I adore that hymn. That night we were heading to
a potential investigator's apartment and two kids stopped us on the
bike path. One was a Jehovah's Witness and it sounded like he just
wanted to bash and prove our religion wrong. After we let him read a
few scriptures, we felt prompted to talk about the Book of Mormon. The
Spirit filled our mouths as we testified of the divinity of the Book
of Mormon and Joseph Smith the Prophet. After we finished the two kids
(17 & 16) were speechless and they thanked us for talking to them. We
gave them our number and a Restoration pamphlet. It was pretty cool!!!
Temp: 93°F (rainy)

Saturday: Not a ton happened. Lots of appointments cancelled. A funny
thing happened as we were biking home for the night. As we passed a
house there was a big group of girls just singing at the top of their
lungs. As we passed, they got quiet and Elder Thaut started to sing in
a super low voice. They all busted up laughing. It was a funny,
had-to-be-there, moment.
Temp: 93°F humid!

Sunday: Normal. Church, ward council, dinner, finding. Not much to report!

Monday: Working  Monday's are always the worst! But it was a great day!
Lots of dumb things happened. Two lessons cancelled at the door, but
we had a great lesson with a guy named Bill. He has been sick recently
so we gave him a blessing. He felt the Spirit as he was crying during
the blessing. Then we visited a cool referral from the bishop! We got
a return appointment with her! She seems very interested. We then went
to FHE and dinner at the Gomez home! I loooove them! It was a great
night with a great message.
Temp: 103°F

That was my week! I hope you all had a great week as well. Love and
miss you all! Thanks for all of the prayers and support.

Much love,

Elder Jones
Black Canyon Ward
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Double Elders!

Last pday. Me, Elder Flynn,
Elder Wheeler (his trainee)

Elders Jones, Thaut, and Roderiques

 Rock hands!


Elder Thaut and me. At a door,
waiting for a member to show up.

Elder Thaut and a cat.

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