Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family, and More Cheesecake! 14th P Day in Peoria, 37th P Day in Phoenix Mission

Family, and More Cheesecake! 14th P Day in Peoria, 37th P Day in Phoenix Mission

Dear friends and family,

HELLO EVERYONE! Greetings from Peoria, Arizona! We had a pretty solid
week. It was slower than normal because of the transfer adjustments,
but it was great. My new companion, Elder Bradshaw, is awesome. I knew
him in my last area. It was kinda weird knowing my companion before I
was with him. We get to talk a lot about our Phoenix North adventures.
I actually went on exchanges with Elder Bradshaw in my last area.
Pretty crazy, right? Anyway, here was my week!

Tuesday: P-Day, Elder Flynn packed all day and I sat around all day.
Chris took us to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and it was
delicious. It never disappoints. Chris took Elder Flynn's leaving very
hard. There is good news, though. I'll explain soon.
Temp: 84°F

Wednesday: Transfers! My new companion is Elder Bradshaw. He has been
out six months and he's from Pearland, Texas. Just outside of Houston.
He was in my zone in Phoenix North, so I know him pretty well. When
President Griffin put us together, we both stood up and cheered. Haha!
It's gonna be a great companionship. A member couple took us to Texas
Roadhouse (go figure haha) for dinner. I got a pretty good steak. :)
After dinner we went around and visited a couple people, but Elder
Bradshaw got to meet our ward mission leader in the Centennial Ward
and our ward mission leader in the Oakwood Ward.
Temp: 88°F

Thursday: Weekly planning. Had dinner with the Winceks. They're a
hoot! Definitely one of my favorite families since I've been on my
mission. They're awesome. We taught Leah after dinner. She's
progressing a lot, her mom just needs to be more open to the idea of
baptism. Leah is 18, but she still wants her mom to support her. She
is golden, though. They gave us ice cream after the lesson, so that
was nice. :)
Temp: 84°F

Friday: We helped a member move in the morning, then came home and
went to district meeting! It was Elder Rodriguez's first district
meeting as the district leader. He did great. He's a natural!! We then
came home and studied for Britney's lesson. We had dinner with a
less-active/recent convert family. They told us they want us to come
teach them the new member lessons! The mom and daughter are the
converts, and they're active. The dad has been a member his whole
life, but is less-active. He said he wants to come back and advance in
the priesthood and eventually be sealed in the temple. He has his
sights set on the prize so we're excited to teach their family once a
week! They're really a great family and it makes me happy that they
will be united eternally soon. :) We had a great lesson with Britney
after dinner. We held it in the church and talked about the priesthood
and the temple. She is excited to do family history and go with her
son to the temple to do baptisms for her ancestors. Her spirit is
Temp: 72°F (yesssssss)

Saturday: Typical Saturday. We had an open afternoon to go finding.
Chris fed us lunch at Culver's. (She knows I love Culver's, so she
takes care of us haha) We talked to her for a while and answered some
questions. We then went finding, but not much luck. I got to show
Elder Bradshaw around, though. So that was good. We then went to the
Oakwood Ward youth fundraiser/auction. The Winceks got us in and we
had dinner there and Elder Bradshaw got to meet the ward. The auction
was pretty funny. After a while one of the kids went up to be the
auctioneer, and he was like 7. He didn't really know what he was doing
but that was the funny part. We had Navajo tacos. Pretty good!!
Temp: 80°F

Sunday: Mother's Day! And Charles's 27th birthday! I got to Skype home
which just made the day perfect. I got to see my family and some
friends! I'll attach some screenshots I took and the "family photo" my
mom sent me, haha. Elder Bradshaw said that six hours of church is too
long! It's pretty long, but he'll get used to it. :) Dinner was super
awkward. Enough said. We then had a lesson with Chris. Here's the cool
part. So Chris was baptized in the Phoenix North stake in the Royal
Palm ward. So she usually attends church there. Chris was very upset
when Elder Flynn left, but we got Elder Bradshaw. He just came from
the Royal Palm ward! So he knows Chris! It was great to see her not as
sad. I think having a friendly face come in was comforting to her. It
was a great, powerful lesson on repentance. Progress is being made!
Temp: 88°F

That was my week. Fairly mild temperatures. Can't complain, really!
Hope everyone out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. I know I did,
and my mom did too.

Love you all!

Much love,

Elder Jones
Oakwood / Centennial Wards
Arizona Phoenix Mission

Skype session on Mother's Day!

We tried to get a Family Picture.  I needs to do a little photoshop work on it.

we tried to get a picture of Olivia and Elder Jones.  Last time they will see each other for 19 months.
trying to get a kiss from Elder Jones!  Not quite the same!
Elder Bradshaw, Elder Jones, Elder Thaut, Elder Flynn
Elder Jones' old and new companion, and Elder Flynn's old and new companion
Chris, Elder Flynn, Elder Jones at Cheesecake Factory

Elder Bradshaw and Elder Jones at Culvers

Elder Jones studying?

Somebody got my phone on Mother's day!

Elder Jones is either hiding, or looking at his map?
I think these two are going to be a fun companionship!

Elder Jones & Elder Bradshaw

Glad to see I can get more pictures from Elder Bradshaw!

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