Friday, February 13, 2015

Bye bye: Transfers 24th Pday in Phoenix Misson-

Hello everyone! If you couldn't tell by the title of this email, it's
transfer week and I'm getting transferred. With that being said, I
don't have much time to send a long weekly email. I loved this area,
but I'm excited to have further opportunities. I have to go pack now
but I really love you all and can't wait to update y'all more next
week. Send me your updates though! Love you!

Mail things to the mission office for about a week.

Elder Jones

Note from Momma Jones:
Thanks to my detectives in the Phoenix area I have posted Elder Jones new address.  He is in the Peoria/ Peoria North Zone.  He is in the Centennial, and Oakwood wards, I think. He didn't move very far!  Dana said he could have ridden his bike there!  His companion is Elder Flynn.  They trained together at the MTC.  Elder Jones is a senior companion now. 
I sent him his practice pad and sticks a few weeks ago and said he was driving  Elder Shurtleff crazy.  I told Elder Jones that Elder Shurtleff may have requested he be transferred!  
Although Elder Jones sent no pictures I have scoured the Arizona mission Blog and found a few from the transfer meeting, and one Sis Simon posted.
I hope we have more info and pictures Monday.

Elder Jones with his 2 companions he has had in Phoenix, Elder Jeong and Elder Shurtleff.

Elder Shurtleff, Elder Jones and Elder Jensen .  Elders Jensen and Shurtleff were MTC companions

Elder Jones and his first companion Elder Jeong and a mystery Elder.

Elders getting lunch at transfer meeting

Sister Simon and Elder Jones as he is leaving her home.

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